Half-Assed Headache All Day!

Got up to turn my alarm clock off at 0600; and laid back down “just for a minute.” Next thing I know it’s 0800. Got up for awhile then laid back down for “half an hour” or so before really getting up for the day. I’ve felt like crap since. I don’t know why I lay back down when I know I won’t feel good the rest of the day?!?!

AND I’ve had this headache, all day, that feels like it wants to hurt so much more. Sort of a pre-migraine type feeling. I think it’s the weather changes around here. My head is sensitive to atmospheric pressure changes that manifest as headaches. I’m really starting to think that might be why I get these damned headaches.

So, since I really didn’t feel like cooking dinner (chicken & salad with a side of tater salad) I took SWMBO to Dairy Queen. I don’t know if it was the food or the company but I kinda sorta felt a small (miniscule) bit better when we left.

Been sitting here at my computer since backing up my recently scanned pictures to a couple of other, external, drives and watching Lightning & Thunder video’s on YouTube.

Occasionally, in a regression to my youth spent growing up “down south,” I like to tune in to a good thunder & lightning storm. Heaven knows we’ll never see the like around here! I really wish we lived somewhere we could see/hear a good storm sometimes.


I loved these Tarzan movies when I was  kid. When I was 10 years old, I wanted to go to Africa and ride the elephants. When I was 15 I wanted to go to Africa and ride Jane. When I was 15.5 I wanted to go to Africa and let Jane ride me. Now that I’m 60+ I’d like to go to Safari Park down by San Diego and watch Jane ride the elephants. Funny how things change…

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