Hell Of A Wind Yesterday!

Trees down all over the place. Lot’s of damages to homes from falling trees. Power outages. Wires burning. Houses burning. Even a couple of deaths from trees falling on cars. Man, it was crazy here. Wind really howled around the house a few times. Don’t really like craking noises coming from the ceiling.

2016-03-14 Wind Damage

We “weathered” the storm fairly well here. Lots of stuff we have outside got blown around; but we didn’t get any real damage nor lose power. Lights flickered enough for me to turn my computers and the NAS off (which is why I didn’t post last night), but they didn’t go completely out. Nor did it even reset any of our clocks. Cool!

Today has been mostly wet and only partially windy. Saw a blub where the Weather folks exclaimed “The Storm Is Over!” just as it started to hail rather aggressivly. Yeah. Sure. Tell me another. I still fully expect it to give us one more good snow before the end of April.


Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. I’ve been kind of lazy today; just the usual chores and took the Dog for a walk between the periods of rain. Finished off the laundry. Made some more jigglers. Talked on the radio some.

Still playing on getting the Linksis Routers to be Meshed. Tried a hard reset on one and now it comes up “NOCLL-xxxxxxxx” and won’t let me log in. Which is worse than before I tried the hard reset and just couldn’t log in. Figures. Now I gotta remember the log-in for the one I “flashed.”


Anywho, that Sweet Young Thing I married almsot 30 years ago is home (safe) so I think I’ll go spend some time with her.

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Not Quite An SSDD Thursday

yt1bWhich started out with me going and getting my truck back. Had to stop and put gas in the rental (a Whopping $10!!!!) but made it to the rental place with no problem. They drove me down to pick my truck up since it was raining cats-and-dogs. Nice of them.

Drove through Port Orchard. Stopped at the Vets to see if I could get some more of that goop we’ve been putting in Poop Dog’s ears to fight that ear infection. Nope. Not without seeing him first. So he has an appointment for 0800 next Tuesday.

Went to Walmart and looked at camera’s. Saw a couple, fairly decent (and NOT Canon), for around $180. Stopped by the DVD section to see if they had anymore seasons of JAG; nope. Ah well.

Went to Fred Meyers to look at camera’s. What a crappy selection! Was so disappointed that I didn’t look at anything else in the store.

Was really raining during all this. Made the walk from the Truck (which I usually park way out from wherever and walk in) a shit load of fun. Windy too. (Turns out Battle Ground, WA had a tornado today! That is unusual!)


Came on home and looked at camera’s on Amazon. Seems like some nice, fairly reasonably priced, camera’s but I really like “hands-on” when I buy things like that. Let’s me figure things out and see if it’ll really work for me or not.

Radio friend of mine came over for awhile and we worked on his Club website online for a few. Then we just sat and talked and I showed him how I rip my movies and how the Raspberry Pi 2 is working as a media server. He stayed for over an hour. (That’s unusual. I hardly ever get visitors and when I do they don’t usually stay long. I think it’s because I’m a Redneck.)

Oh, I guess the power went out, while I was gone,  just long enough to shut all the computers and the NAS down and make all our clocks blink. What fun. The 2-meter radio was still working though. Strange.


Decided to go the easy way for dinner: warmed up a jar of that soup I made yesterday. That is one thick soup!

Anywho, back from picking SWMBO up so it’s about time to hit the rack.

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