Hell Of A Wind Yesterday!

Trees down all over the place. Lot’s of damages to homes from falling trees. Power outages. Wires burning. Houses burning. Even a couple of deaths from trees falling on cars. Man, it was crazy here. Wind really howled around the house a few times. Don’t really like craking noises coming from the ceiling.

2016-03-14 Wind Damage

We “weathered” the storm fairly well here. Lots of stuff we have outside got blown around; but we didn’t get any real damage nor lose power. Lights flickered enough for me to turn my computers and the NAS off (which is why I didn’t post last night), but they didn’t go completely out. Nor did it even reset any of our clocks. Cool!

Today has been mostly wet and only partially windy. Saw a blub where the Weather folks exclaimed “The Storm Is Over!” just as it started to hail rather aggressivly. Yeah. Sure. Tell me another. I still fully expect it to give us one more good snow before the end of April.


Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. I’ve been kind of lazy today; just the usual chores and took the Dog for a walk between the periods of rain. Finished off the laundry. Made some more jigglers. Talked on the radio some.

Still playing on getting the Linksis Routers to be Meshed. Tried a hard reset on one and now it comes up “NOCLL-xxxxxxxx” and won’t let me log in. Which is worse than before I tried the hard reset and just couldn’t log in. Figures. Now I gotta remember the log-in for the one I “flashed.”


Anywho, that Sweet Young Thing I married almsot 30 years ago is home (safe) so I think I’ll go spend some time with her.

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