Two Almost 80 Degree Days In A Row

Really! In A Row! Yesterday & Today. In A Row! Damn!

And as nice as yesterday was, today was WAY better cause we had Lightning & Thunder. Woo Woo! I was also pointing in the right direction at the right time and caught a couple of lightning bolts with my Phone. (The Video. No lightning actually touched my phone. Nevermind.) But it was COOOOOOLLLLLLL!


Other than that pretty much SSDD around here. Dog and I finally have the chance to take off all our clothes and walk the back 40. Nice. We took the rider-mower with the trailer hooked up to it and picked up large rocks so I could mow the path. Which I did. Luckily before it started to really come down during the Thunderstorm. Which was cool, btw!

2017-05-05 04.03.45

Don’t know what the HELL was going on yesterday, but, just after eating dinner (Nukerowaved lasagna) I started feeling really (really) weak and tired. Tired enough to actually lay downand almost go to sleep. I didn’t know if I wanted to throw-up or shit (or both). Lasted until about 1130 and just went away. Still felt really tired though. Must be getting Old or something.

Tis21Today was absolutely lovely outside. Tomorrow It’s supposed to be lots cooler (high about 58 degrees); but still better than it has been these past few months. I’m so glad Summer is almost here.

Another storm coming through. Cool! More thunder! Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit while waiting for SWMBO to get home from her class.

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Lightning & Thunder This Morning!

It was cool! Couldn’t hardly see the lightning through the downpour that was going on; but it was there. Thunder too. Cool! Too bad it lasted only 10 minutes or so. I set my camera up but haven’t watched the video to see if I caught any or not. Would be cool if I did! (Oh yeah, I’d be a “Storm-Chaser” if I could.)


Other than that it’s been a pretty “normal” morning around here. Just finished my breakfast and about to head out to check mail. Updated the MCARC site. (Finally!) Moving things around on my drives trying to get ready to “upgrade” to larger drives. (Only 2 2-TB drives but that’s larger than what I have in there now.)

Guy from the car dealer called about 1330 and said that he’d try to have my truck back to me this afternoon. That he’d call me again around 1600. BUT, It MAY not be until tomorrow. Thanks for calling, but, you could have just waited until later to call to say either it’s ready or I’d have to wait until tomorrow.


Not a whole lot going on and I’m bored as hell. All my usual chores are done and I’ve “puttered” around until I’m purely sick of puttering around. Still can’t really do anything outside cause it is still really wet out. I have some bucks but can’t think of anything I really want to buy.

Speaking of buying: last night I ordered SWMBO’s Christmas present and myself a new radio. Thought I’d give that JT-6188 Dual Band Radio a workout since it’s a “mere” $95 ($102.64 with tax and shipping). I figure I’ll set it up in the house and use it awhile before swapping it for the radio in the truck. If it works out I may be buying another; if it works. Reviews are pretty evenly split between “priceless” and “POS.”

WaRshington Driving

So, I made one of the Cheesy Potato soups (with diced grilled Chicken added), but, SWMBO said “Broccoli sure would go good in that!” so I wound up making Cheesy Potato Broccoli Soup instead. (Oh, my it was tasty and filling!) Made donut shaped corn muffins to go with it. Added a big glass of grape juice. Good stuff!

Picked SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. Didn’t rain a bit either direction. Cool! We be home and she’s enjoying some of the soup I made. Think I’ll watch an episode of Doctor Who and “play” with Linux before I hit the rack.

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