We’re Getting Slammed Today!

With rain. It’s coming down in buckets! Dog and I got soaked on our walk this morning even wearing our poncho’s. Had to unplug my radio’s cause we had some fairly close lightning (after setting up my camera, of course). Love thunder!


Missed my Doc appointment yesterday. Was feeling kind of funky with a minor case of the runs just before leaving the house. Figured I’d tough my way through it. Uh Uh. By the time I hit town (3 miles) I was trying not to throw up in the truck. So I called them and left a message as to what was happening and turned around for home.

Spent the next 6 hours laying on my bathroom floor (for QUICK access). Felt like Food Poisoning (again!) but not quite as severe as I’ve had. Still not pleasant. I think I’m allergic to something or have other issues. I seem to get “Food Poisoning” often. Think I’ll ask my regular Doc about it next time I see him.

Dinner Club Has Met!

Still not feeling 100% but WAY better than last night. Still don’t trust a fart though.

With the downpour going on outside I’m getting some things done inside that I’ve been meaning to do; laundry, dishes, checking my eye lids for light leaks being the most important chore of the day.

2019-04-14 21.54.21Turns out, I can run a raspberry Pi from one of those little battery packs (used to recharge your phone) for a couple of hours (depending on what I DO with the thing). If I use another battery pack for the 7” screen it should be runnable anywhere in the field in emergencies. But that leaves me still having to power one of my radios. Hmmm. Motorcycle battery for all?

My experience of keeping a bucket by my bed last night for “just in case” reminded me of the Chamber Pots we used to use on my Grandparent’s farm way back when. Anyone else remember those? They (Grandparents) were sharecroppers that lived in a “house” that had one bedroom, kitchen, living room and an outhouse (not inside. Outside. Outhouse.). So, if one had to “do their thing” in the middle of the night, well, chamber pot. One has truly not experienced life without having walked one’s chamber pot to the outhouse to empty it the next morning.

The other thing I remember about their place was you washed in a big tin tub in the middle of the kitchen with water you pumped yourself at the sink and (maybe) heated on the stove.. When the girls bathed we couldn’t go near the kitchen; but when the guys bathed it was open highway y’all come on in!

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Two Almost 80 Degree Days In A Row

Really! In A Row! Yesterday & Today. In A Row! Damn!

And as nice as yesterday was, today was WAY better cause we had Lightning & Thunder. Woo Woo! I was also pointing in the right direction at the right time and caught a couple of lightning bolts with my Phone. (The Video. No lightning actually touched my phone. Nevermind.) But it was COOOOOOLLLLLLL!


Other than that pretty much SSDD around here. Dog and I finally have the chance to take off all our clothes and walk the back 40. Nice. We took the rider-mower with the trailer hooked up to it and picked up large rocks so I could mow the path. Which I did. Luckily before it started to really come down during the Thunderstorm. Which was cool, btw!

2017-05-05 04.03.45

Don’t know what the HELL was going on yesterday, but, just after eating dinner (Nukerowaved lasagna) I started feeling really (really) weak and tired. Tired enough to actually lay downand almost go to sleep. I didn’t know if I wanted to throw-up or shit (or both). Lasted until about 1130 and just went away. Still felt really tired though. Must be getting Old or something.

Tis21Today was absolutely lovely outside. Tomorrow It’s supposed to be lots cooler (high about 58 degrees); but still better than it has been these past few months. I’m so glad Summer is almost here.

Another storm coming through. Cool! More thunder! Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit while waiting for SWMBO to get home from her class.

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