So, Yes, The Test Results Were

POSITIVE! Can we get an Amen from the front row, please? All this for us started with a masked At Home Nurse passing it on to one of her patients. Wonder how many other folks she got with it? And so much for the “being masked” theory. Again.

But, since I got vaccinated my symptoms should (should) be milder than SWMBO’s (which has, in fact, happened so far). And I have to self-isolate for only 10 days from onset of symptoms (last Saturday) as opposed to her 20 days because she didn’t manage to get the vaccine yet. I’ll take care of her though! She’s my schweetie.

I’m weak and sometimes dizzy but functional. My nose is running at 95 MPH but my 69 year old body can only manage 5 MPH. Breathing fairly normal. Appetite is pretty normal. Anyone really want to hear about my other bodily functions? Thought not.

Not going to check mail today though. Don’t trust my driving right now. It’s ONLY 1/2 mile there but it’s also 1/2 mile back; so I ain’t walking it.

So, onward and upward!

Made home-made banana vanilla ice cream. Just because.

Watching all this in Afghanistan and I only want to remind y’all that Treason during time of war carries the death penalty. Even for Presidents and members of Congress. AND all the Top Brass of the Armed Services.

I’m so ashamed of all them. I expect it from Grandpa Biden but all the Generals with all that salad on their chests? What did they get those medals for? Reading? Thumb Twiddling? Seeing who could take it up the ass the farthest? What a bunch of losers.

But, hey, if y’all need a lesson in how it’s done you just call me back to active duty and put me in charge. Then stand the fuck out of the way.

I did sometimes get in trouble in the Navy because I could make a decision and get things done.

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