I Know! I Should Post!

I really should. Not that anything has “happened,” but there are
a couple of family members that do occasionally check in to see if
I’m still alive. God forbid they should call or e-mail.

I found out (several years ago now) that my 2nd youngest brother
had overdosed and died in SLC. Shortly thereafter, SWMBO (The
Genealogist) used the Internet to find that my next younger
brother had died in Ariz and was buried in a “pauper’s” grave
(which is most likely a prisoner’s grave but we haven’t sent off
for that paperwork yet).

That’s how often family members call. My little sister did
call and leave a message (several years ago now) that my youngest
brother had died. But since we hadn’t talked to each other in 35
years she wasn’t even sure she had the right number or person. But
she did call.

Even my lovely-young-bride of 34 years only calls me if her car
breaks down of she has a computer problem at the Genealogy
Library. I go on trips across country and I’ll call her up to say
I arrived or whatever and she’s like “What? Who IS this? How’d you
get this number?”

Well, not quite that bad.

Oh, but I get plenty of calls from telemarketers. Especially
since I signed up for the “Do Not Call” list. That was like an
open invitation to keep my phone busy. Especially that Marriott
Hotel Robocall. Hate that thing.

I usually keep pressing the number 5 button until the robocall
gives up and tells me that my number will be removed within 72
hours (it never is) but, the other day, it sent me into their
phone system and I got a live person; who hung up on me the moment
I started to complain about getting a robocall. Next time I’ll try
random numbers and see if I can’t get into their phone system. See
what changes I can make.

But if I was related to them they wouldn’t call. Not even to sell
me something.

SWMBO and I are going over all kinds of plans to “improve” our
house. I’m at the point, and the age, to where I don’t want to get
down on my knees and install flooring or any of that other heavy
lifting crap. If we can’t hire someone to do it, it probably ain’t
gonna get done. She’s dead set on turning the (open air) basement
into an apartment though. I’m all for taking out the stair and
putting in an elevator, but I ain’t renting to anyone ever again
if I can help it. The “extra” money is nice, but the hassles
aren’t worth it.

Nothing much going on. Bought a wok and am learning to use it.
Tried making some “quick” sourdough bread (not in the wok. Crappy
segue.) that tastes great, but otherwise ain’t quite right. I
think it didn’t have enough time to rise or I just didn’t use
enough yeast or who the hell knows. Maybe I’ll let the raccoons
give it a try …

Signed up for Discovery+ for SWMBO so she can watch damned near
all her “house” shows. Ask this Old House through Property
Brothers through God knows what. Probably where she gets some of
her ideas from. Hmmm. I’ll take a gander also since I like some of
those shows too.

Anywho, Just not a lot going on here other than SSDD Average
Older American stuff. I did get a bill from the Butt Surgery that
nearly sent me into heart fibrillations: $30k! $Thirty Thousand
and change! For Butt Surgery! Fuck. Luckily I only owe $12.88 out
of that. Thanks goodness for Medicare and TriCare for Life!

Tomorrow is MLK day (no mail) but I can’t help thinking that I
just saw an article where a “White Lives Matter” sign was taken
down because it was “racist.” Y’all need to make up your freakin’

Dang! Stood up to go fold my clean underwear and now I gotta pee.

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