Pretty Nice Day Out And About

With my Schweetie! She didn’t have to do the Genealogy Library today so we spent it running around town.

Breakfast (actually fairly early for us on a Saturday) at the Family Pancake House in Port Orchard. Our Wait-Person, whom we hadn’t seen in awhile (over a year?) actually remembered that SWMBO likes hot chocolate and I like Dr. Pepper. Wow. Both of us (SWMBO and I) had the Big Bob’s breakfast.

Stopped by Jo Ann’s Fabrics so she (SWMBO, not Jo Ann) could get some ring thingies that she needs for knitting. Taught SWMBO how to blue-tooth her phone into the truck system to listen to some of her music in the truck. No Carpenters or Belafonte though! NO! (And I ain’t too swift on Susan Boyle either.)

Then a quick stop by Saint Vinnie’s for a look-around. I bought a big box of HO train stuff to send off to my Father-in-law. Cost $50, and if there’s $50 worth of “stuff” then it wasn’t a bad deal. Heck, even if he just gives it to his train club and they can use any of it, it would still be worth it.

Stopped by Home Depot in Silverdale where I bought two bright led lights to mount in the garage. Tired of trying to find anything in the dark in there. We were lucky this time: we got out of Home Depot for less than $100!

COSTCO for sodas and things. They have some nice TV’s for fairly reasonable prices. SWMBO and I are going to put $50 each away for a year then buy the biggest TV we can get for the bucks. Gonna put it in the “big room” and set it up as a home theater. Cool! (We’re going to build a “loft” in there too so overnight guests will have a place to sleep instead of having to stay in the Caravan. That’s a whole other post.)

Not much else going on. She wants me to rip a couple of CD’s she got at St. Vinnies. I’m adding some Country to my TruckMusic drive. Getting into Trace Adkins. Watching the last Doctor Who episode before the Christmas Special. Which I’ve downloaded but haven’t watched yet. Next.

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