Things Is Going On!

Well, where to begin?

Went to the Doctor today to have him look at a rash I’ve had on my right shin since 2003. Really, 2003! Gets worse, gets better, gets worse, gets better. It seems to be the worst during cold (Winter) weather. Thought it was time to have the Doc look at it. He looked, shook his head in “what the heck is that” mode and gave me an Rx for some cream. Cool! He also told me to double my intake of my Blood Pressure meds and had me submit to a EKG cause he heard an extra beat when listening to my heart. EKG was considered “normal” but they only EKG’d me for about 10 seconds. Well, heck, what if I didn’t have that “extra” beat during that 10 seconds?

SWMBO and I “upgraded” our phones last Friday. It was time as we’d had out Blackberry’s for a couple of years. Went to the Verizon store in Silverdale and took care of a couple of things on their computer (our account) and spent some time looking for new phones. I was interested in the Droid Incredible 2 but it cost $249.95! Damn! But, I’ve been looking for a phone that does HD video (it does), Widescreen pictures (it does) and, of course, make phone calls. (Plus calendar and all that stuff.) If I could combine all this into one unit then I’d save money by NOT buying a new HD video camera (which may or may not include the ability to take a decent widescreen photo) and still have to buy a new phone.

Anywho, we looked at phones for about a half hour with our “sales lady” nowhere in site. Got tired of waiting, told them we were tired of waiting, and took off for our COSTCO run.

Glad we did. We stopped at the Verizon booth in COSTCO and the Droid Incredible 2 was $79! $79! What a difference. So SWMBO and I upgraded our phones. (She got a different phone that does what she wants it to do.)

Report: Mostly I like this phone. The OS is the same as on the Superpad I got a few weeks ago so no big surprises there. Luckily I backed up my contacts and stuff before the Blackberry got shut off so that wasn’t a problem (for me!). The only “problem” I’ve had is sometimes it gets clunky slow and the Mail app crashes when trying to send more than one attachment. I’ve crashed it several times. But other than that it’s not a bad phone.

Oh, yeah. I got a Superpad a few weeks ago. Was hoping it would replace my Zune; which was getting too small to watch with these old eyes. The Superpad is pretty nice for watching a video, surfing the net, checking into Facebook and listening to music (with earbuds). I like several of the “Apps” and have downloaded a couple of free apps for Ham radio and showing pictures. Put a 16 Gig mini-sd card in it for storage. I like it. I also have only a couple of complaints about it. 1) It will crash an app if you click a button too fast for it. 2) It shows online video from the News channels in weird colors. 3) it boots about as fast as my old Win98 computer did. I can live with all these though.

I’m going to the Hollie Family Reunion this year. That’s my Mom’s side of the family. I haven’t seen anyone from that side of the family for the last 50 years or so and thought it was about time I made it to the annual reunion. So, leaving Seattle Sept 29th, the reunion is October 1st, then back to Seattle October 3rd. In the meanwhile I need to rent a car and drive up to my Uncle Loren’s up near Memphis and visit him. Haven’t seen him in 25 years or so either….

I don’t know what else to cover. Been busy doing a lot of Ham radio stuff (with more coming up: Field Day! My First!), building antenna’s and getting them up, gardening, ripping, scanning, housework, cooking most of the meals and a thousand other things (it seems). Oh, finally “worked” Australia and New Zealand last week! Cool!

I will catch up more later. It’s bedtime!

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