It’s Friday? Again?

Just not much going on around here. What with all the rain we’re getting it’s hard to get outside and burn brush or anything. Still finishing up the bookcases I’ve built for the library (molding and stuff) and finally got off my ass and started the shelves for the DVD’s and CD’s down in the "man cave" but even that can get boring when that’s all you do. Finally watched/ripped season 3 of "Heroes" and those episodes are on the media drives now. I need a couple of those new 2 Terabyte drives! Don’t let me win the lotto!


Feeding the Missionaries tomorrow evening. Kielbasa & Sour kraut with taters all cooked in the same crockpot. Started it tonight as I’ll be going over to my friends house in the morning to download our favorite shows and I’m not sure what time I’ll get home. We’ll see how that goes as sour kraut is kind of an acquired taste.

SWMBO and I went on our Friday date early today. She took me to the Family Pancake House in Port Orchard for breakfast. Had the Hobo Omlette; which has a bit of everything in it and topped with a couple of containers of salsa is pretty good. Afterwards we stopped at Big 4 Sporting Goods and bought new shoes. Work boots for $15 on sale. Cool. I got two. Pair. Then we made our usual stop at Albertson’s and spent too much money again. Frozen Veggies were on sale and I can’t resist frozen veggies on sale.

I am getting pretty sick and tired of this dial up Internet though!

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