Nice Hot Sunny Day!

And I’m stuck at home. Damn! Been out to the property every chance I have and it’s just too damned expensive. Funny though: I was looking at my speedometer and it says in the last 3.5 years I’ve put 44.8k on the truck. Now, other than a trip to (Chehalis? Wherever those floods happened last December) and a couple of trips to Yelm to look at that dome being built, most all those miles have been put on going out to the property and back. Mostly. So, if we use an AVERAGE of $3.00/gal for gas (cause way back when gas cost $1.90/gal and now it costs $4.30/gal and I’m just using made-up numbers anyway) and I get 350 miles per 12 gallons, then I’ve spent $4608.00 in gas running around. (Let’s see: 44800 miles / 350 miles per tank = 128 tanks * (12*3) $36 per tank (average) = $4608) Confused? Me too! And I don’t even want to get into how much I’ve spent for Diesel putting the road in and other stuff around the property!


Saturday and Sunday (after the first session of church) I went out to the property and moved trees around and pushed over a few more. Only have about 20 more to do to clear where we’re going to build the house. (IF we ever build this house. I tell ya: if THIS doesn’t work out I’m getting a mobile home to put up there! ) Weather has been absolutely wonderful and I probably spent as much time laying out and reading as I did working.

Made a run to Staples this morning to buy one of those earphone/microphone thingies so I can try to teach Vista to ignore me when I talk to it. At the checkout counter SOMEHOW we got on the subject of Age. I told the girl, "You know how to tell you’re getting old? You’re getting old when you ask a perfect stranger at the checkout counter "Is my t-shirt on backwards?"

Well, back to stacking wood…

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