I Tell Ya. These Weeks…

Just seem to zoom by sometimes. Especially when it’s just been more of the same around here…

Wednesday was a fairly normal day. SWMBO was off to her new office at the new GHC building wherever the hell that is. I finally got off my fat lazy ass and moved some wood around out front and started stacking the wood I’ve already split. Bout time! Then I almost finished putting in the slide out drawers SWMBO wanted me to put in the base cabinet she bought for her office. That evening I got some of my Mom’s pictures scanned playing with this new scanner I have. It does a pretty good job but the user interface is frustrating.

Thursday was pretty much SSDD also. Finished off the cabinet drawers. Moved/stacked some wood. Spent the evening playing with Vista. Still not impressed but figure I have to learn it (if not use it). I still like playing with and fixing computers so I have to keep up on these things.

Got SWMBO up earlier than usual this AM and took her to see "Hancock" at the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor. I tell ya; we ought to wait until a movie has been out a month and go see the early show for any movie we want to see! We had the theater to ourselves again. Too cool! Movie was okay. Charleze was looking as fine as usual! :grin: Stopped at KFC after the movie then came on home so SWMBO could get some work done. I went on out to the property and stacked the trees I’ve already pushed over. Sure was nice out there. So nice I stayed until almost 1800 this evening.

We got a "letter of committment" from Timberland Bank. They’ll loan us $320k if we do (list to follow). I don’t think this is going to work. We have too much coming out of the funds before we even get started building the house that I don’t think we’ll have enough left over to build.

On the way to Albertson’s this evening SWMBO and I stopped by a 3 bedroom 2 bath 3 car garage place for sale just up hill from us. Flyer says they want $399k for the place. Gee, all that and 2.1 acres of land for $400k. NOT!

If you stop everything else making noise on this page you might hear some thunder. Kinda rare for us…

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