Well, It’s Almost The End Of Christmas Day…

And it’s been a pretty nice day. Started out early (as usual) for me. SWMBO woke up later but layed about reading before getting up and putting the Ham in the oven. The smell of it cooking all day was g-o-o-o-d!

She got me a JVC Everio that has a 30gig drive in it. Over 17 hours of video recording available! Or about 7 with really HD. Cool! It videos in wide screen even. Been playing with it all day. Produced a movie of the snow we had today (SWMBO got her white Christmas) and it really didn’t turn out too bad. I like it!

That’s about all that’s been going on. Watching "THEM" to counter some of the Christmas Shows we’ve been watching all day.:grin:

Took this with the new camera. I’d have to say that the only thing I’ve found ’wrong’ with it is you’re stuck at 640×480 for stills. This model of the camera won’t let you change the resolution. Should be at least 800×600!

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