Damn Weather Persons!

Yesterday and day before the Weatherpersons were talking/warning us about a new storm moving in. Was supposed to drop 1″ to 3″ of snow over the whole area. Well, here in (our part of) Olalla all we got was 1″ to 3″ of RAIN! Didn’t see a flake of snow where we are. Then, Poop Dog and I took off for the property around noon. Got to the top of the first hill and saw a few flakes of snow. Got to the top of the next hill and got a few more flakes of snow. Was definitely snowing on the freeway. Then by the time we hit Port Orchard it was really snowing. Traffic slowed down and everything. So, instead of spending 3 hours getting out to the property I decided to come on back home. Poop Dog didn’t get a vote. I was driving this time. Took the Sedgwick exit and by the time we got over the hill to where Freddy’s is it was raining. Rained all the way back to the house except when we crossed over the freeway. There it was snowing. Strange! And rained all night! Can you tell I’ve been in Warshington too long?

Today was our fairly usual Friday date. Took SWMBO to a late breakfast in Port Orchard then we went and saw the new “National Treasure” movie. The movie was okay (seemed kind of lackluster to me and all the major stars look like they’re trying to win the bulimic of the year award) but being out with SWMBO was great! (As Usual!) Got back to the house about 1630 and have been straightening up my Television & Movie drives and getting them back up and running. The Television drive messed up and I managed to move most everything off it before I reformatted it. Damn, I hate doing that! Took over 285 minutes to move the tv programs to another disc. But I got it all put back together and it all seems to be working right so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Anywho, that’s about it. Gotta feed two hungry Missionaries tomorrow (today now) at 1630 so I guess I won’t be going out to the property unless I get up really early. Was thinking of taking my new widescreen camera out there and recording the sunrise of something…

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