Just Not Much Going On! Damn!

Went to Subway for our Friday ’date’. Got in line behind a Hockey Team and had quite a wait! After eating we went and renewed our Costco membership then spent a couple of hours walking the aisles. Not counting the $50 for membership we only spent $40. Cool! Saw lots of neat things though! Almost picked up one of the 500 Gig drives for $150.

Saturday was a pretty normal winter day. SWMBO did her usual at the Genealogy library and I just straightened up around the house. Started the digger up and let it run awhile. Made sure the generator was working for the next wind storm. Took Poop Dog out to the property and ran him around awhile. Cold and breezy but nice.

Really normal Sunday today. First session of church then home. Ripped and converted the 3 X-Men movies to a dvd. Now I can put it in and watch all three without a break if I want to. Doing the Terminator movies now. Looking forward to the third Bourne movie to come out so I can do that with them.


Told Ya!

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