Was a ‘nicer’ day out…

So I got off my ass and (finally!) power washed the walk in front of the house and got all that moss off it. Now maybe I won’t feel like I’m walking on ice when I walk on it. Also picked up that pile of bark that was left over from splitting wood and got it into the back of my truck. Maybe tomorrow me and Poop Dog will take it up to the property and burn it. Made spaghetti for dinner. Yummy!

Was playing with Music Maker last night (and early this am). Made a couple of great sounding loops but having problems with my sound. About half way through it’s like the sound forgets where it is and starts squealing and jumping around. It sucks! If I hit pause when it starts and then play it works okay for the rest of the loop. I’ve tried unloading everything I can and keep Windows running but hat hasn’t helped. Thought it might have been this utility NV puts in their boards to control the ’sound’ of your sound. Like Concert Hall or Live or Rock Band. Stopping that utility REALLY messed up the sound. Even movies couldn’t get decent amplitude. Took forever to get the sound back to normal. I’d hate to think that with 1 Gig of RAM I don’t have enough memory. Hmmm…. Maybe it I defragged the drive?…


This is the telescope I have. Well, it’s not really the telescope I have. It’s a PICTURE of the telescope I have. Wait, that’s not true either. It’s a picture of the model of the telescope I have. It’s really some other telescope that someone took a picture of but it looks like the one I have. The telescope; not the picture. I don’t have a picture of my telescope. Where were we?

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