Another Thursday Night…

And The Rain Has Began! Supposed to rain all week. It’s the annual pre-rainy season downpour to get us ready for the rest of the winter. Great. :sad: Which means that I will be spending more time indoors. Bummer. I’m so bored now that I’m thinking of looking for a job. (And that’s pretty damned bored!!)

SWMBO and I made a trip to Albertson’s so I could get the fixin’s for homemade chicken soup. Followed the recipe pretty closely and it tasted more like tomato soup than chicken. Bummer. It was still good though. Home made chicken soup and hot biscuits. Yummy!

Smallville: So Grant, Assistant Editor at the Daily Planet and Lois’ top half (at least some of the time), is really Julian Luthor, supposedly dead brother of Lex Luthor. Kara, amnesiac in Detroit (of all places) and apparently without her powers. Clark paying the consequences in a flash of light. Lex seemingly still up to his old tricks despite protestations of being a changed man. Lana, well, Lana. I can see this lasting another couple of season anyway…:grin:

But, I am damned tired of "The CW". I even logged on to KSTW Tacoma and complained about the amount and timing of commercials. I wish I had timed it all because I believe there were more commercials shown than Smallville. I really do. And, for some unknown (and Godly) reason this station takes a widescreen show and turns it into a pan-and-scan show. How Freakin’ Sick Can One Station Get?!? I am that ][ freakin’ close to not watching commercial tv anymore. I think I can live with downloading Smallville and watching it on Friday’s. That’s the only way I watch Bionic Woman & Supernatural.

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