Wow! Has A Week Really Gone By?

I been busy! We are getting really close to getting our building permit issued and I am already busy running around trying to get the dome stuff finalized. Met our Eco-Engineer out at the property and he checked out the site where we want to actually set the house. Called bunches of people about different dome things. Radiator for the dozer won’t be back until next Monday night. Been fixing “small” things on the dozer this week. trying to get the ram out of the cylinder on the boom of the backhoe but it ain’t coming out easy. Had to buy a larger pipe wrench ($60!) just to get the damned thing loose!

Tonight was our regular date night. Went to Godfather’s pizza. The pizza tonight was really good! I like them with everything BUT anchovies and pineapple. Then our usual shopping stop at Albertson’s. Now home and relaxing. ‘Dogfights’ comes on in an hour. Cool!

Poop Dog.

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