Ok. I’m Done. Mostly. All The “Gotta Get This Crap Done Cause Summer Is Ending” Jobs Are Done.

So, except for “touch ups” or emergencies I’m pretty much done for the next couple of years. Soon as I replant those two rose bushes for SWMBO. Oh, and move the sycamore trees that have been growing in my raised bed these past 3 years. But then I’m done.

Until it really starts raining. Then I’ll find out how well I actually graded some parts of the path and the main driveway.

Which it finally started doing yesterday. Raining. Which, I hate to say, we really need right about now. Not a lot of rain, yet, but that’ll happen. And it won’t take long for me to get absolutely sick of it. Like 2 days. Maybe.

Did y’all ever know that smart-ass in Junior High that would do things like write about the Fokker airplanes and go out of his way to mention that Mother Fokker would cook dinner for their Fokker kids but not let them eat until Father Fokker came home?

Yeah, that was me.

Let’s see: Friday before last (so, just over a week ago) SWMBO finally found a cat she wanted so we put $100 in gas in the truck and made a 278.5 mile round trip to up near Bellingham to get a Maine-Coon Mix ($200 adoption “donation”). Cat has only 1 eye because of some super-eye infection and it’s right eye had to be removed. SWMBO asked me what I would name a one-eyed cat? So, (Best Pirate voice please) Eye Matey joined our family. Although we mostly just call him Matey.

And Wiz (our Dog) has been in a jealous snit since. Luckily, in just over a week, he’s kinda sorta settled down and only butts in when you just look at the cat. At least he’s down to growling only if he thinks that big, hulking, menacing, affection stealing POS 3.2lb hunk of feline is going to steal the rawhide bone he’s chewing on. Or (horrors!) sniff his food bowl. But we can leave them both together if/when we need to made a run to the store or Date Day. Wiz hasn’t eaten Matey yet. Yet.

I have my doubts about the “Maine Coon mix” claim for this cat. ALL The Maine Coon Cat factories we talked with were adamant that 1) you be a GOOD home (as defined by the moral, religious, and political beliefs of the interviewer), and 2) All Maine Coon Cats WILL BE “fixed” before leaving the factory. Part of the “adoption” costs. So how does one get a Maine Coon Mix? Rogue Maine Coon Cat Mix Breeders? Did someone fix a “fixed” cat? Spontaneous re-fix-iation? It’s a mystery to not be investigated by me. Was just wondering.

Matey’s paws may be a little big for a kitten his size; but he still looks like a run-of-the-mill tabby to me. Time will tell. Important thing is SWMBO finally got her a cat. She IS a “cat person” and future “Cat Lady.” Me? I’m just happy “they” already box-trained the thing and it is adamant about using it.

Otherwise pretty much SSDD around here. Cold enough that I needed gloves on our walk this morning.

Trying to figure out where to park my truck outside so I can park the tractor (and rider mower) in the garage that I’m trying to convert into a wood shop so that I can use the tractor to make a way out if/when it snows enough to need it. Also starting my “Winter” projects cause I don’t want to sit and watch tv/movies all day. (Which I can’t do even if I’m “laid up” or sick anyway.)

Ran some butter through the freeze dryer last week. Learned that you REALLY don’t want to run butter through the freeze dryer. Got all over everything (everything) and took half an hour and two pails of hot water to clean it up. So, gotta find another way to store butter long term. Otherwise the thing is working well and I need more shelves in the basement.

Fun to experiment though. At least the Salisbury Steaks turned out well.

Got a new (to me) 2-meter/440 antenna that I need to put on my tower to replace the 2-meter only antenna I’ve been using. Helped the guys put up a new antenna at our repeater site last week. By “help” I mean I stayed out of the damned way and passed tools/water up the rope to the guys actually doing the work. I know my place and my abilities.

So, hopefully, I’ll “see” y’all on the air!


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