Just Because One Can, Doesn’t Mean One Should. You Gotta Get OLD To Understand That.

SWMBO and I went to the Naval Hospital Pharmacy to get our refills. She signed me up for the “I don’t need to talk to a person just fill my prescription and let me go” line. Guess what? They called me to a window to talk to me about my meds. Well, call me shocked. Anywho, we got out of there in about 1.5 hours.

Saw a story online about a woman that got arrested because she let her 12 year old go to the park ALONE and unsupervised. And while I do agree with the sentiment (nowadays kids DO need to be kept an eye on) I don’t agree with arresting someone because of their parenting methods.

The folks that turned the mother in sure would have had apoplectic attacks at my Mom’s parenting. Being a bar-maid (that’s what we used to call them) she worked until 0200 every night so we were left on our own way too much. I learned to cook otherwise we’d have had cereal for every meal. We were pretty much responsible for getting ourselves to school.

But, how this all ties in, at age 8-9 I used to take a bus from South El Monte to downtown L.A., or out to Seal Beach, or the famous Pacific Ocean Park (before it closed down), or Griffith’s Park Zoo (before it too closed down), and once even “bummed a ride” up to the Mt. Wilson Observatory (why I went during the day is un-remembered).

Point being that if I were to do this in today’s world (no, not as a 70 year old but as an 8-9 year old) “they’d” probably throw both of us in prison and lose the key. Not to mention that we’d get our 15 minutes of fame on Facebook & Twitter.

And I think that if we’re going to arrest any parent(s) for bad parenting: we ought to start with the parent(s) of every Democrat or Liberal for not bitch-slapping some sense into their kids back when it would have done some good.

But don’t get me started.

Bought a ton of 1 1/4 Minus and continued my education of “tailgating” it on the driveway. It went better this time. Right up to the point the trailer popped off the hitch. That happened when I had the bed raised, all the dirt was starting to slide down just right, SWMBO let off the brake and slightly accelerated. BAM. Trailer dropped off the hitch.

Didn’t actually hurt anything, but, damn. No idea what went wrong. I triple check connections, with multiple walk-arounds when I attach anything to the truck. I do NOT want a trailer coming lose in traffic or anywhere else.

So we finished the pour and when I reattached the trailer I tried to make it do that on purpose. No go. So the next time I buy some gravel (1 1/4 clean aggregate) I’ll keep an eye on the hitch just in case it happens again. Which I hope it won’t.

Anyway, all that was yesterday and I (obviously) forgot to post last night. Today is Date Day and SWMBO is taking me to the all-you-can-eat Chinese place in Port Orchard. Then to Home Depot so I can start assembling my idea of mounts for my solar panels. And I’ve decided to built a shed to house the tractor and rider mower in for the winter so I need to check 2×4 prices. We’ll probably check out the new WinCo while we’re near the Mall.

Guys, if you marry, marry someone that likes to shop in Home Depot.

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