Just Rambling. Old Guy. What?

Thought I’d try an experiment. If anyone is interested to see my pictures from the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum in Tucumcari, NM here they are. Trying this out to try to share my pictures with Family/Friends or whoever. Again.

My Father-in-law, in Oregon, Ohio, lamented the fact that he got out in near 70 degree Wx one day to mow his lawn. Then the next day woke up to 2″ of snow covering same. Sucks to be him. 😛😀

Somehow took on the job of Treasurer of the North Mason Amateur Radio Emergency Services (NMARES) Club. Is there enough in the bank for a one-way trip to Australia? The previous Treasurer had the job only 20+ years. So I’ll still have the job a year after I’m dead. Or longer depending on who needs money.

We’re talking about starting to have our club meetings in person again next month. This “pandemic” has been rough on almost all Hams, who are fairly gregarious anyway, to NOT get out and meet people. NOT gather for meetings and such. Field Day at home, by ones self, is just a travesty. Hard to invite folks to join or be a Ham if you can’t meet-n-greet.

SWMBO and I got out of the house for a few hours yesterday and drove up to Lake Cushman (and back, of course) cause we’d never been there. We followed that little white line (Hwy 119) to near the end (miles of pot-holed dirt road!), stopping along the way to take pictures and stretch our legs. Dog went nuts! (He had a good time.) Beautiful scenery and some nice falls. I’ll post the pics.

At one of the stops we took stairs down to the water. Going back up I stepped up with my right leg and, as I pushed off, there was a ripping pain in my right knee. Hurt so much the rest of the day I could barely walk. (Feels much better today! Thank Goodness!) Hurt so much I backed out of the rest of Date Day when we got home. (If it hadn’t gotten better after just sitting on my ass (and holding a bag of frozen corn kernels to it) I’d have gone to the Urgent Care today.) I hate this getting old shit.

My friend in PA tried calling yesterday. My phone played his ring tone (We are the Borg, etc) then shut down (cause it was out of power). Told that to my friend and added “So I guess it really IS a smart phone!” Can’t repeat what he told me. Well, I could but it would be redundant.

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