Holy Crap I’m Getting Old!

Legs were kind of “achy” from bowling last Wednesday, so I was almost inclined to forgo my plans to go bowling today. (Remember that I want to start bowling every Mon-Wed-Fri for “exercise” and to get out of the house for awhile.) But I figured that going bowling would work the soreness out. Yeah, right. Forgot I’m getting Old.

So, I went bowling. Throwing the first ball my left leg said “WTF Do You Think You’re Doing!?!?!” Man, that didn’t feel good. Then it started trying to cramp on me. Oh, Yeah. That Hurt. And every ball after that was problematical that the ball would even hit the end of the lane. Left leg was yelling “FEEL THIS, BITCH!” the whole time.

Three games. Broke 100 once. Barely. Now, I’m not blaming my legs cause I’m now, and have always been, a crappy bowler. But, damn! But at least I didn’t fall on my face. Barely.

My left leg still hurts 8 hours later. I got to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing tonight and I’m glad I got a truck without a clutch.

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