It’s Saturday? Again? Already?

Wow. Times flies.

Just not much going on around here. Some thunder & lightning today but nothing really close. Unusual, for us, to have thunder & lightning. Nice though!

Lightning bolts in night sky

Didn’t do a whole lot this past week. SSDD every day for me.

Did get a new Blue Ray burner for my computer for archiving things. Blank Blue Ray discs are still a bit spendy though. $32 for 15 discs! Hoping next year they’ll come down in price as more and more of us “techies” move over to blue ray. Kind of like CD’s did when they first came out. My first (1x) external cd burner cost me almost $800 and blank cd’s were like $5.00 each. THAT was spendy. Of course, you can buy 100 blank cd’s now for $10 if you look around. I think blank blue ray discs will be about the same in a couple of years. Hopefully.


I see where Obama threatened us “old folks” and retired Military by maybe withholding our monthly checks if this debt thing doesn’t go his way. Asshole. Where’s that red-neck with a rifle when you really need him? (Not that I really want anyone hurt!!!) He’s the worst President we’ve ever had. If it had been me getting the Medal of Honor, I wouldn’t have accepted it from him.


My new Incredible 2 phone is still freaking out on me. Thing just reboots when ever it wants. Runs sluggish most of the time and the mail program keeps having to be forced closed. So far I’m not really impressed with this phone or the Android operating system.

SWMBO and I went on our usual Friday date yesterday. It’s so nice to spend time with her. Went to Q’dobas(?) in Gig Harbor then spent WAY too much money at COSTCO. Big chuck of change for a new lawn trailer thingy. Bought a blue-ray copy of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” to test the new blue-ray drive I got.

Dang thing keeps telling me to switch to a vga/d-sub connector and use analog video and nothing I’ve done so far has pleased the CyberlinkDVD program. Just won’t play. Ripped it to my hard drive and it plays great with VLC. I even disabled my video card in bios; but it didn’t help. Ah well. May have to upgrade my video hardware if we’re going to get any move blue-ray movies. Which we probably won’t; but who knows.

Anywho, that’s my week. Boring, ain’t it!

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