OK, now that that is settled…

And I can finally start writing my posts offline again. I can get back into posting! Ain’t that cool!

Too bad there is just not much going on around here! This past week has been SSDD to the max! Has been since we got back from our trip to Eastern Washington. I lead a really boring life! (Sort of…)


Updated our trip pictures to my Gallery and even uploaded some video to my YouTube. Updated the Ham Club websites/blogs.

Went to the monthly meeting of the Mason County Amateur Radio Club (MC-ARC) this morning. Fairly good meeting today. Talked about Field Day, covering the Mason County Fair (I volunteered) and the Bike Ride that will be happening the weekend after the NMARES Annual Picnic.

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Oh, Independence Day went well. Neighbors didn’t make too much noise too late. Sounded like someone out there had some major explosions. Repeatedly. Almost reminded me of Desert Storm. Tana and the grandkids didn’t get to come over as they were being visited by her mother. Ah well. We wouldn’t have bought many fireworks anyway…

SWMBO and I went to see “Green Lantern” a couple weeks ago. We liked it. Looking forward to the next one.

Let’s see… Hmmm. Just not much going on. Went and got my haircut. Walked the dog. Ignored the cat. Got a new ink cartridge. Straightened up my desk.

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