Dang! Just Nothing Going On!

I mean it. Mostly.

We weathered the two "storms" that came through last week or so. Got a bit of wind and a little bit of rain but nothing we couldn’t handle. The power flickered only a couple of times. Cool.

Finally got the next-to-last (maybe) bookcase built enough to use and it is in the library now. SWMBO is already putting the last of the books on it. Now I need to get to Home Depot and buy some trim to finish all of them. We’ve pretty much decided to put a big tv in the library (where all the comfortable seating is) so I may have to build a combination stand/bookcase/electronics shelves thingie; but that is in the future. Now I can take the time and do a complete field day on my "shop." :-D

SWMBO and I have been putting a garden in for her. She’s built about half of the raised bed out of all those cement blocks she bought and I’ve been moving some of that good dirt from down-hill up to it. Filled a dozen plant pots with the good dirt also. I planted some of the Tomato’s but she’s done most of the planting. She planted spaghetti squash and maters and brussel sprouts. Now we see if they’ll grow.

And that’s about it. Did dig up another stump for my neighbor but my digger is too small to rip it out of the ground so we’re waiting on another neighbor with a bigger tractor to help get it out.

Still no new washer so I’m having to take laundry down to the laundry mat. Sucks! $2 a load!

Trying not to but am getting more and more upset about the way our country is headed with Obama (Hell, The Democrats!) in charge. I am not a happy camper! But I don’t like the government ramming things down my throat; especially if it’s going to cost me more money. But don’t get me started!

More later. Tearing down the old, temporary, bookcase…

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