Just Waiting For The Storm

That’s supposed to come in tonight. Winds. Rain. Maybe Thunderstorms. Cool! Except for the colder temperatures. SWMBO wanted me to make sure that the house was ready for the storm so I went out back, tipped over the garbage/recycle cans and spread papers & cans all over the back yard. Figured why wait for the storm to do it…:grin:

Look! Our two deer are back. And they bought a friend. Cool. It’s nice having a yard where the wild deer can congregate. Is it deer season yet?

Not much going on around here. Went to Home Depot (40 miles one way) and got SWMBO a couple of blinds for her room. Picked up a board to make me another shelf for my bookcase. Put the shades in when I got home while SWMBO was at the service for her friend that died last week. They look almost like they were made for her windows.

The shelf I made, on the other hand, didn’t fit at all. Sometimes I feel like the 2nd stupidest man alive! I cut the damned thing 2 inches too wide and didn’t even notice until I tried putting it in the bookcase. I do this kind of stuff because I either a) get in too much of a rush, or b) try to do too many things at the same time. Or I ought not to try "winging" it

Been "playing" with a program called Vue. It lets you make 3D landscapes and I am having a ball! Am using the laptop and the last 15 second animation I rendered took 30 hours! Daymn! And it still doesn’t look quite realistic. But it is a lot of fun to play with.

That’s about it from here for now.

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