Snowed Most Of The Day!

Went outside at 0530 this morning and it was dark but dry. Went back outside about 0630 and SWMBO’s car was covered by a light dusting of snow. Snowed most of the day. Started out that light icy snow but turned into those big wet flakes for most of the day. Started raining after dark and most of the snow is mushy. Will probably be gone by tomorrow. Cool! Wanted to get out to the property to video some snow in the clearing but it would have taken me a couple of hours to get out there. Then a couple of hours back. No Way!

Did take Phillip up Peacock Hill to the bus stop. Was snowing like crazy and sticking to the road uphill from us. It’s amazing what a hundred feet in elevation will produce in weather around here!

Just not much else going on.

Me in 1962. 10 years old.

Put our Magic Jack on it’s own computer in the back room. Got tired of it hanging up for a few seconds when someone would call while we were watching something on the MediaServer. Seems to be working okay.

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