Sing This To The Tune Of “Aint No Sunshine”…

Ready? 1 and a 2 and a 3

There ain’t nothing going on. My Life is Boring Everyday. There ain’t Nothing Going On. And It’s been going on so long. It’s the Same Every Day…

Repeat as needed. :grin:

If life got any more SSDD around here stubbing my toe would be a major happening! Get up at around 0600. Feed The Fire. Go pee. Go out and toke a smoke. Come in and start up the browser to check the weather. Maybe read a bit of the (always the same) News. Make sure the voices match the lips in whatever movie/show I converted overnight. Then I get to start my day…

Did manage to get out to the property and move a bit of dirt a couple of times this week. Last Saturday there was still and inch or two of snow left over from the last time it snowed around here. Kinda cold up there too! Gotta remember to buy some fuel on the way back up there.

For our Friday Date SWMBO and I went to FHP for breakfast (almost as usual) and stopped to do our shopping on the way home. Kind of freaks her out that I can (usually) look at a cart full of stuff and guess the total cost within a few bucks. Wish I could do like my Dad could; he could glance at a column of numbers and tell you what they added up to within a few seconds. That I’d like to be able to do.

As you can tell, there is just nothing going on around here. Which can be a good thing. Nothing "dramatic" is a good thing. Not winning the lotto… We’ll, we’ll see if I ever win the thing. Hey, I only spend a buck when the MegaLotto gets over 100 Million. Figure it’s worth the buck.

Never did learn to play the Sax…Look at that tv!

Headline: Amid nurse shortage, hospitals focus on retention . They’re always telling me to "Hold it for awhile" before the barium…

Headline: Study: ’Astonishing richness’ in polar sea species . And I’m sure someone will figure out a way to steal it from them.

Headline: Earth-like planets in our galactic neighborhood . I’ve believed this since I was a wee lad. Hell, when we were teens didn’t we believe our parents came from another planet?

Headline: Hot New Cameras Add Smarts and Speed . But people will still find the stoopidest(sic) things to take pictures of!

Headline: How the economic stimulus plan could affect you. Hey, aren’t they taking money from us to give us some money? Can’t we just cut out the middle man? Then we wouldn’t have to give up more money to pay it all back later.

Headline: Despite trillions for economy, next job might mean less pay . Change that to WILL. Everything but out pay will go up. Watch for it.

Headline: Partisans Still Squabbling Over Stimulus . What’s Italians got to do with this?:shock:

I’m outta here.

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