The Great Experiment Continues…

So, last Thursday the Cable Guy shows up to put a ’video filter’ on our cable since we did turn in our cable box and opt for (faster) Internet Only Access. Other than that being Smallville night I really didn’t have any problems with it. We’ve been wondering if we can survive on what we already have and Netflix. So far, except for missing the news in the mornings, I haven’t had much of a problem. AAAaaaarrrrgggghhhhh! Actually, living off what we have hasn’t been too bad but I really have to get off my ass and rip the rest of my dvd’s.

Wow, what’s been going on? Covered finding the puppies. They’ve pretty well integrated themselves into the household for the meantime. They’re a bouncy bunch! Poop Dog has had to assert his "This is MY place and you’ll behave" mode a couple of times. Haven’t seen the cat. Got a couple of people that want to come over and look at them with the possibility of taking one or both home with them. Hope they do and I hope they Hurry! I guess I’ve established myself as their pack leader as I can’t even get up to go piss without both of them wagging their way behind me. They Appear to have become house trained easily though. If I were going to keep them I’d have to get a lot more chew toys though.

Not much else going on. Weather is sunny but COLD today. About where it’s supposed to be actually. Listening to Quicksilver Messenger Service (Mona! & Calvary)

Talked to our GeoTech and I’ll be meeting him at the property around 1000 Thursday morning to look over the house site.

This is Mutt

And This Is Jeff.

Anyone want a dog? These’ll get big enough to make a BIG pot of stew!:grin:

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