Found A Couple Of Puppies…

Decided to get the Hell out of the house today and make my usual (weather permitting) run up to the property and get a couple of hours in on the digger. Headed up our driveway and turned into the ’canyon’ (about half way up) and two animals started running up the road. Looked sort of like dogs but wasn’t sure. But I was right behind them all the way to the clearing. Turned out to be a couple of puppies (older puppies to be sure) that were living in the pile of stuff our Contractor left on the property. They barked at me awhile but I won them over with Vienna sausages. Got them to come closer and closer and finally they were piling in my lap wanting to be petted. I think they’ve known people but were dropped off. They couldn’t have been up there more than a couple of days as I didn’t see them the last time I was at the property. (Maybe 2-3 days ago. I’m too old to remember.)

But, what was I to do. I could leave them there but was worried that they would a) eventually get killed or die or b) grow up living in that stuff and one day when I went to the property I’d be facing two wild dogs defending their territory. Or I could get them into the truck, take them home and try to find homes for them. Guess which I did. They’re really friendly pups and really haven’t been any problem (YET!) but Poop Dog is having trouble figuring out what’s going on. The cat totally freaked out!

So we have Mutt (the dark guy) & Jeff (the not dark guy) visiting for a few days. I hope it’s only a few days. Please… (I’m not really an animal person.)

I’ll play catch-up later…

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