Time To Catch Up!

Not that anything exciting has been happening around here!

Monday: Spent most of the day loading firewood into our friends trailer and hauling it back to their place. They hauled. I stayed and moved more trees and generally just messed around until they got back. It took only two trips to get al that wood we cut to their house. Cool! Spent the evening recuperating!

Tuesday: Damned if I can remember what the hell I did Tuesday. I think I stayed home and did some of the stuff I’ve been putting off until I got time to do it. Which means dishes, laundry and "stuff."

Wednesday: SWMBO at work. I hung around the house and got things done. Stayed up WAY too late. Started an "Associates Store" at Amazon.Com. Y’all check it out!

Thursday: Got up late. Took SWMBO out for breakfast as she’s got a dance thingie to go to tomorrow. Got out to the property for awhile.

Today: Stayed home. Installed SWMBO’s new cabinet into her desk thingie and drilled a couple of holes for wires. Just doing things around the house. Made a glass-fronted box cause I want to play with solar collection. Gotta get some black paint. The weather has been absolutely great the past few days! I love it!

Some musicians I heard at Bumbershoot in Seattle 8-9 years ago. Maybe more. Liked them. If anyone out there knows who they are and where I can buy their music, let me know.

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