Dang! I Forgot!

Regarding the previous entry: Don’t know why I forgot to tell what happened.

Was coming back from the property the other day and came to a spot in the road with what looked like fresh skid marks (hadn’t noticed them on the way in) leading into the bushes offroad. Slowed down but I didn’t see a car so I figured there’d been an accident that had been cleared. About a mile further along the road a Sheriff was speeding in with red lights and siren going (Code 3). About another mile a Paramedic & Fire truck came along Code 3. About half a mile further and 6 (SIX) Sheriff’s cars, all Code 3, passed going back to where I’d just come from. About a mile down the road and another Sheriff came Code 3. Then about another mile another sheriff (just going fast, no code) passed going back towards where I’d just come from. Seems like it may have been a good thing that I didn’t see a car and stop!

Today started out a normal Sunday. After the first session of church I headed out to the property to move some trees around. About 1500 SWMBO and our friends from across the street showed up to cut some wood. And we cut a LOT of wood! Bob’s older than I and he really appreciated having my Digger to lift the logs to waist height for cutting! So we did that for awhile, stopped and had hot dogs & chips then finished cutting the wood up. We did probably 1.5 cords or more. They’re going to get a trailer tuesday or wednesday and we’ll go out and load up as much as we can.

And that’s about it. Put the stills from the Air Show up on my webshots site and my personal gallery for all to peruse at their leisure. Still trying to figure out what to do with all the short video’s from the Air Show.


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