2008-07-19-Do You Do It Like I Do It?

This is what was going on with all those police the other day:

MASON COUNTY, Wash. — A Belfair man has been rushed to the hospital after being shot by sheriff’s deputies on Friday night.

Sheriff’s spokesman Dean Byrd said deputies received a call at 6:39 p.m. from a woman who said she had spotted her stolen truck in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant in Belfair.

The truck had been painted a different color, the woman said, but she was certain it was hers.

By the time deputies arrived at the location, the truck driver had already taken off. Deputies then began combing nearby roads and soon spotted the truck.

The driver, however, refused to pull over and led deputies on a chase down State Route 300. During the chase, Byrd said the driver made hand gestures and threw things at the patrol car.

Minutes later, the driver veered off the roadway, hit a pole and went down an embankment near Haven Lake, which is about 15 miles northwest of Belfair.

After he crashed, the driver jumped out of the car with a handgun pointed at the deputies, Byrd said, prompting two deputies to shoot him.

The driver was hit an unknown number of times and was rushed to Harborview Medical Center. His name and condition were not released.

It is not known whether the driver fired any shots at the officers.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.

No wonder I didn’t see a vehicle when I looked into the bushes!

Friday was our date ’night’ as usual. Went to see the 1130 showing of "Wall-E". Cute movie. We didn’t have the theater all to ourselves this time. There were 6 or 8 others. Luckily they were pretty quiet. SWMBO splurged on a bucket of popcorn (as we were both hungry). $7! For a tub of popcorn. Dayamn! Made our usual Albertson’s stop on the way home. We really are creatures of habit…

Got up early this morning and left the house at 0800 to go to the Air Show at McChord AFB.Was nice. Walked about 5 miles looking at all the planes. Talked to a bunch of active duty types and thanked them for their service. Talked for awhile with the pilot of an F15C Eagle (NICE PLANE!) The UH1-N helo brought back a butt-ton of memories from when I was much younger and catching every flight I could at NAS Lemoore. Left the show early and didn’t see the Thunderbirds. Was Hot. Sweaty. Tired. And there was too much crowd around to wait another hour or so to see them.

Stopped at Costco, stopped at home for a few then went out to the property and worked awhile. It was Nice out there! Now I’m just chillin and working on the video I made today at the airshow.

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