Life Can Be Interesting!

I have absolutely NO idea what is going on…

Last Saturday & Sunday (after the first session of Church, of course) I was out at the property. Was out there Monday also.

Tuesday: Bob & Marge (friends from across the street) went out to the property and cut up some wood for them. Loaded it and brought it back to their house too. I was basically useless the rest of the day. Getting too damned old to do all this physical stuff!

Also, last Monday I called and talked to my Uncle Denver. Hadn’t talked to him in about 22 years! Called and talked to my Uncle Loren & Aunt Lois. Hadn’t talked to them in 10 or so years. Cool! Uncle Loren was saying something about not knowing anything about his father (other than his name even though he half grew up with him) so I got SWMBO on it and she found his father’s death certificat and on the 1900 census. Cool!

Today I attended a Workshop put on by the storesonline folks. I had bought a site from them thinking I’d put up an online store and maybe make some bucks from that. Well, the Workshop wasn’t a complete waste BUT if you aren’t "upgrading" to the PRO version you really didn’t have to attend the Workshop. Everything was geared towards people upgrading to the PRO version. Since I can’t afford the PRO version ($3600/year per site + $25/mo hosting OR $6000 one time fee + $25/mo hosting) the workshop really didn’t do me any good. They even had ’financing’ available and just couldn’t understand WHY I wouldn’t upgrade. Explained to them that it all sounded really good EXCEPT that I’m trying to get a loan to build a home and just could not have anything hit my credit rating right now. Otherwise I probably would have signed up. They do have some really good tools for building a store online…

And that’s about it. SWMBO’s at the office today and when I got home at 2000 the dog acted like he’d been alone, forgotten, abandoned ALL DAY or something. Been converting my mail from Thunderbird back to Outlook. Need the multi-function stuff as I’m tired of using different programs to keep a calendar or notes or contacts. Got it all working pretty good though.

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