Power On. Power Off. Power On. Flicker. Flicker. Flicker. Power Off

Last Monday a wind came through and knocked the power out for awhile. Power flickered every so often all day just enough to reboot the modem and turn the tv stuff off (glad I have a ups on my computer!). But about 1800 or so the power went off completely. So we sat around reading by lamp light until around 2200 or so. I did start up the generator and hooked SWMBO’s computer, the cable modem and the router to it so she could keep working, but the cable modem couldn’t find the Internet. Guess the substation was without power also.


Tuesday was a fairly normal Tuesday. Except that SWMBO had to go to a meeting in Seattle @ 1000 so she went on to her office to work instead of making essentially the same trip on Wednesday. Gas is just too expensive to do a lot of unnecessary driving now a days. I spent the day pretty much doped to the gills on Sudafed and cough syrup and didn’t get much accomplished at all. Tried lifting the end of that splitter I borrowed so I could take it back and couldn’t even work up enough energy to do that. Needless to say I went to bed fairly early even though I layed there and read until late.


Today has been a too normal Wednesday; except for SWMBO being home and I didn’t get out of bed until late. No, that’s not true. I got up at 0730, stayed up for a couple of hours then went back and layed down for a couple of hours. I don’t usually do that. Once I’m up, I’m Up.


Been doing laundry and straightening up the living room and trying to put stuff away. Problem is we don’t have anyplace to put things out of the way! It’s a combination of having too much "stuff" and living in a too-small house.


Speaking of house: we still haven’t figured out if we’re still building a dome or not. I installed 3d Home Designer last night and spent a couple of hours playing with it. Cool. Now if you could only design domes or alternative construction homes with it…

Made Swedish Meatballs for dinner and they was good!

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