General BS Is All I Got…

Got off my ass yesterday and borrowed my landlord’s splitter and split that pile of wood I had outside. Video’d the first part but didn’t notice that my battery was about dead so I didn’t get the second part. Bummer! That was when SWMBO came out to help me too… The video looks pretty funny as a time-lapse video.
Speaking of SWMBO, she’s caught a pretty good cold and is kind of out of it. Hope she gets better soon! Of course I’ll catch it. We’ve shared most everything over the last 25 years! :lol:

Playing with Poser 7

Not much else going on around here. Weather absolutely SUCKS. Even working up a sweat yesterday I had to wear my jacket liner.
Oh, it seems we’ve pretty much decided not to build our dome. The financing hurdle may have finally beat us. We’re going to see how this latest round of trying to get financing goes, and if it doesn’t, we’re seriously thinking of changing to a regular stick house. Well, knowing us and our dedication to at least trying to be environmentally friendly and building an efficient home, it won’t be a ’regular’ stick house. We’re already checking out ICF construction. Check out OurCoolHouse to see what I’d like to do if we can’t build a dome. I’d even steal these folk’s plans (with a couple of modifications for our property and where we want to build).

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