Rainy day so…

Did the first session of Church last Sunday with SWMBO then headed out to the property. Didn’t get much actual work done other than loading wood into the truck (which I later dropped off at our friends house down the road from where we’re living now). Mostly layed around in the sun reading. New Star Trek book in which Janeway gets Borgified and Seven operates the Planet Killer. Was okay. The author injected just the right amount of humor (which has been seriously lacking).

Yesterday. Man. I moved most everything out of the living room while SWMBO was at her usual luncheon with the girls so we can clean the carpet. What a back breaking job! You just don’t realize how much stuff you have in a room until you start to move it all out. Then you realize just how old you’re getting too! Damn! I was sore by the time SWMBO got home and even more sore when she got back from renting a carpet cleaner machine. Then I got to help clean the carpet. (After wiping walls, etc etc. I HATE the wood stove!) SWMBO did an excellent job of most of the living room carpet and helping out moving things back into the living room.

We finally finished cleaning the carpet about 1800 and I spent the rest of the evening moving things back in the living room and hooking up all the electronics. Made a space under the tv for the MediaCenter (in the tv cabinet) so that’s out of the way now. We put the bookcases/dvd shelves back differently. Now the dvd’s are closer to the dvd player. Cool! With most everything back in place it looks as crowded as ever; but it’s a LOT cleaner!

Spent today recuperating and trying to finish up moving things back to where they belong in the living room. Made a run to Albertson’s to return the carpet cleaner and a stop by COSTCO for some things. (COSTCO is getting almost as hard to pass by as Staples is!) Made dinner for 5 tonight; a family from the church has fallen on hard times (mom is confined to bed & dad gets home too late to cook) and we volunteered to do a dinner for them. Drowned chicken breasts in spaghetti sauce and baked it at 300 degrees for an hour or so. Poured all that over cooked spaghetti and added some green beans and Viola; Dinner. SWMBO took it too them after we ate our share. Hope they enjoyed it. If they didn’t McDonalds is just down the road…

Been doing some flying around San Diego in FSX and playing with capturing it with Fraps. Playing with the tcp/ip settings on my computer to see if I can better my download speeds. Put a bunch of portable apps (from Portableapps.com) on one of my usb drives and been setting those up. Learning GNUCash; as a simple checkbook. Once I realized that an entry in one place has to pull the money from another place it all fell into place. I Need A 8 Gig USB Drive! With all the stuff I want to take with me (Portable Apps, plus all the Apache/MySql/PHP stuff plus the PHP Editor plus some stuff for Computer Diagnostics/Settings has stuffed my little 2 Giger.

Not too much else going on in the King household. I’m watching ’Constantine’ and SWMBO is back in her office/sewing room sewing. Finishing up washing the curtains (and other laundry) and putting the odds and ends back where they belong in the living room. Dishes can wait until tomorrow!

I don’t know what I did, but, I just downloaded a 400mb file (from 50 peers) in under an hour. That’s lots better than I’ve done in quite sometime…

fs9 2008-05-03 20-36-18-89

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