Woo Woo. Hot Weather!!!!

The last 3 days or so have been Most Excellent for me as it has gotten over 75 degrees each of those lovely days! Woo Woo!!!!

SWMBO didn’t go to the office last Wednesday as she is on 2 weeks vacation! Cool! Not used to having her around on Wednesday night though….

Thursday, first day of our ’Heat Wave’, I spent up at the property cutting up some wood. Actually, I cut so much wood my chainsaw complained about being tired! Nice having that digger to hold the logs at waist level. Finished up with cutting wood and layed out in the sun and heat for a few hours. Nice! My Ass Was Burnin’!

Friday was our usual ’date night’ and we went to the Family Pancake House for breakfast. Actual breakfast this time! Stopped by Safeway and got SWMBO some cough medicine and a few other things. I went out to the property and cut up some more wood. Had to refill the chainsaw gas tank 4 times I cut so much wood. Then it was time to lay out again. :grin:

Smallville season ender was a bitch! Chloe ’Lanafied’ but later cured. Lex bringing down the Fortress of Solitude. Clark destroying Brainiac. Sorry, there’s no other way to say it; Chloe Fucked Brainiac Up!


Today, Saturday, I got SWMBO up for her library day. She has a girlfriend visiting from ’the other side’ so she didn’t get home until late. I went on back out to the property and cut up some more wood until I ran out of gas for the chainsaw. Layed out for awhile but it was just too damned hot. (Y’all didn’t hear me say that!) and I still had many things to do around the house that I’ve been putting off. SWMBO was going to have to eat tomorrow mornings cereal out of a cup!

SWMBO has availed herself of the media center and has been on a Supernatural kick, so I’ve been watching:


You guess it! The old “Lost In Space” series. What A Crackup! We thought it was so advanced and Cool when it first came on tv. The opening shots showed a lot of people sitting in front of banks of flashing lights and flipping switches and Not A Monitor To Be Found! The Jupiter II is STILL a nice ship though. Seemed to go forever on a gallon of radioactivity! The Robot sounded “robotic”, if you know what I mean. It’s amazing how the show seemed to start out as a (seemingly) serious “space opera’ and degenerated into whatever it was when it ended. It’ll be interesting to see the episode(s) where it changed over to just plain silly. At least when they show the ship in space you can’t see stars through it like you could with the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701).

And that’s another thing! Each of these Lost In Space episodes are just over 51 minutes. “Hour long” shows nowadays are just over 44 minutes. Whats with that?

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