A New Smallville!

Cool! And, except for Pete Ross’ continued whining, it was pretty good. At least we didn’t have to put up with a lot of Lana Angst stuff! The commercial for next weeks episode looked pretty good also! But, as much as I like Smallville I can’t stand “THE CW”. I think next week I’m going to actually time the show/commercial ratio. I honestly believe the CW has more commercial than show. I hate that damned channel. Smallville, and sometimes Supernatural, are the ONLY things I watch on that channel.

Been raining more than not all day so I haven’t gotten out much. Well, I haven’t gotten out at all today. Been busy on my computer and I actually got some studying done today. Yay! Deep Space Observing. Now I need a telescope that will allow me to look for those objects in deep space! When it’s not cloudy or raining, that is. About 2 weeks spread throughout the year. :???:

Have an appointment with a new General Contractor at 1000 tomorrow. Here, thank goodness. That’ll save me a bit of gas anyway. Will let y’all know how that goes.

Nothing else happening. It’s too late anyway. Think I’ll watch Beowulf and go to bed…


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