New Gum For Better Sex!

Last Friday the appointment with the latest General Contractor went well. Turns out I’d met Mark before on a job out in Sebeck when I worked on a job with Bob the Dirt Guy. Mark was the General Contractor on that job. Cool! Thought he looked familiar when he first came in the house. He built a house with a tower that has a great view of the sound. He says he usually gets 40% but is willing to work with us. I’d be doing a lot of the work; which is great as long as I can do it. Running wires and Nomex(? That hose-like stuff for the water) isn’t a problem. Getting everything in place before the shotcreet is going to be the hard part! I’m actually a pretty handy dude. :-P


Then it was off to a late breakfast for me and SWMBO. Family Pancake House in Port Orchard makes a pretty good breakfast. And apparently they make a pretty good mushroom burger also. We didn’t make our usual Albertson’s stop cause I couldn’t think of anything we needed besides milk and bread; which SWMBO said she’d pick up on the way home from the Genealogy Library Saturday. Cool.

Saturday was a fairly normal day for me. SWMBO was off to the Genealogy Library so I took off for the property. Was pretty nice out there. Not too cold nor wet. There is a part of the road just below the ’canyon’ that I’ve been trying to build up to hold larger trucks (read cement trucks) that washed out. Again. I think I am going to have to cut down that really big tree and cut further into the actual hill for road stability. Damn! That tree has been around a lot longer that I have and I hate to do it. But I have to have a safe road.

Spent Saturday night mostly just goofing off converting our DVD’s to .AVI’s. Started putting together a ’server’ for all the video files. Have an old ATI Rage video card with tv tuner (and an ATI 9000 video card & tuner) with video/sound out that I’m going to try using. May have to install one of the versions of Linux so I can use that ’shareware’ version of Media Center that you can get for Linux cause I definitely can’t afford Microsoft’s program.

Pretty normal Sunday for me. Did the first session of church then took off for the property. Cut some more wood for us to burn at home cause we’re running low. Wood might be a bit wet but it will burn and that’s what I need. Got kind of COLD out there even though I was sweating. Or maybe it felt that way because I was sweating. Either way I’d had enough and headed on home.

Just been lounging around watching tv. Dogfights has gone off and now Mega Disaster (Methane Explosion) is on. These types of show just crack me up! As if we don’t have enough to worry about they want us to consider a gigantic methane explosion. Sorry folks, I’m too busy scanning the skies for that asteroid that’s going to slam into us to sniff for methane buildup. Oh, wait. That wasn’t methane, that was me. Sorry…

About the headline: Just Kidding!

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