My Trench & Wire Passed…

the electrical inspection. Cool! The Inspector told me to make damn sure that there are no sharp edged rocks against the wire because over time the wire will be cut. Wants me to walk down the trench and pull about 6 inches of clean dirt (clean dirt?) over the top of the wire before backfilling. I can do that. I actually do (most times) listen to the experts.

Got out at the property about 0900 and started trying to stretch out the water pipe. By the time Brian (our son) showed up I was pretty much soaked to the skin, muddy from head to toe and tired. Rain didn’t let up either. We mostly stretched the water pipe out using a blow torch to heat the pipe and a lot of muscle. But by noon I had had enough and called it a day. We’re supposed to get some nicer weather in a couple of days and we’ll meet back out there and finish it. I may have to rent a smaller excavator to do the backfill. At $185/day it’s cheaper than Bob the dirt guy.

I was SO muddy I thought about driving home naked. But then I got a look at the inside of my truck and figured it wouldn’t make that much difference! Got home, stripped and jumped into a hot shower to get warmed up and I’ve just been sitting around (well, if you don’t count doing some laundry, dishes, fixing dinner and straightening up) watching tv. Finally got off my ass and built a fire; was getting kind of cool in here.

That’s it.

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