It’s Been Real Around Here

Not really able to get outside and get much done this past week; yet managed to get out and cut up the bottom half of that tree that came down at the end of our driveway this past snow. Used the new chainsaw SWMBO bought me last Saturday. Nice. Didn’t make lifting and loading the pieces in the back of my truck any easier, but made cutting it up WAY easier than doing it with a hand saw.


We’ve been cutting down the salmon berry bushes as we go on our walks in the back 40 since it’s so much easier to get to the bottoms of them since the snow beat down all the brush back there. I’ll tell you: it looks like a completely different place now. You can see a long way. Hope all of that between me and the neighbors grows back by summer or they’ll get an eye-full when me and the Dog take off all our clothes and go for a walk. Maybe they should move.

tumblr_pd2ue447f71tlo7gmo1_500-removebgSpeaking of moving: Not sure what our Renter has in mind since I haven’t heard from her at all about being a month behind in rent and two months behind in electric. Is she moving? (She still needs to give me 30 days notice.) Has she abandoned the place? (Which would be a LOT easier legal-wise to deal with according to RCW.) NOT looking forward to packing her stuff up though. And rent for March is coming up real soon!

Oops. Just got a text from her. Says she hasn’t abandoned the place but didn’t make any mention of WHEN she’s going to pay rent and electric. Just that she’s trying to get the money together. She’s a Manager at her work, lives with her boyfriend, has no real commute, so, what’s she doing with her money?

I still feel like I’m being taken advantage of.

Anywho, snowed about an inch earlier today. Big flakes. Most of it’s melting off so we don’t walk under trees when we can avoid it. Not sure what’s in the forecast for us but February is always weird.

I’ve been re-ripping our CD’s as I bring them upstairs to put on the shelf up here. Listening to stuff I haven’t really listened to in years. Some good music there. CCR. Quicksilver Messenger Service. Led Zeppelin. Joe Cocker. (Yeah, all MY cd’s are OLD.) I’ve done about 100 and have only (about) 400 more to go! Should be through by the time I’m 90!)


Really, the only good thing about Winter around here is all the drinks in the pantry are already cold enough to drink right off the shelf. Still, the next time I say “I’d rather snow than rain.” someone should bitch-slap me with the pics I’ve taken of this snow covered landscape. (But I’d still rather snow than rain. Purely sick of the rain.)

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I. Am. So. Sore!

Got tired of squeaking under that tree that fell over at the end of the driveway so I got out yesterday and cut the thing down and moved it out of the way. By hand. With a hand saw cause I don’t have a working chainsaw. Paying for it today; I can tell you. I’m getting too old for that shit. And I need a new digger! And tractor. And a 20 year old body again.


Otherwise, just the same today as any other day we’re still snowed in. Well, we can get into town, but it ain’t exactly easy. Lots of sliding around and 4-wheel low still until we get to the main road.

Don’t know how tomorrow is going to work if SWMBO can’t get her car out of the driveway so she can go work the genealogy library. I suppose I could let her use the truck. Maybe. If she’s nice to me. Really nice.

Anyone Else See A Face?

Been half-assed looking through our “stuff” to see what we have and where it is. I’m amazed at the amount of “stuff” we’ve packed into this house in only 10 short years. For not really having much storage space(s). Except for the basement. Been straightening up there also. Three piles so far: Dump Run, Thrift Store Run, and burn pile.

My Renter. My Renter. I’ve contacted her by text several times about last months b_P1140367aelectric and this months rent; to no avail. Really seems like she’s gaffing me off and I can’t understand why. I don’t believe I’ve done anything to deserve it. Other than being the Slumlord, that is. Truth is I’ve bent over backwards trying to accommodate her. I really like her. Looking forward to meeting her baby this summer. Hope this works out. I’m okay with a lot of things as long as we TALK.

At least we don’t have to go to court about her ex-boyfriend; the one that beat her up last year. After all these delays and subpoena’s he took a plea deal and avoided jail completely. Even after ignoring all the “no contact” stuff. She’s pissed. I’m just relieved. Best thing he could have done though as our testimonies would have put him away for awhile. But what it all really means is she doesn’t have to be nice to me anymore. Not that I would have told anything but the truth in any case. (If you’re honest you don’t have to remember what lie you told!) I do like her, but not enough to lie.

Making Shepard’s Pie for dinner. Smells yummy. (It was good. Will be good tomorrow too.)

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