Hurricane Florence Is Bearing Down!

Was going to post tonight, but, just dont feel like it. It’s 2030 and I’m tired. Haven’t been taking my meds cause they make me feel worse than the high blood pressure. I do take my one med that keeps my heart beating smoothly though. I like my heart beating smoothly.

Might Be Time For A New Road Trip!

Over the past few days I’ve been trying to get the “outside” stuff done before the Winter Wx sets in. Bought 10 more mason stone and put them in place. (Need about 15 more.) Weeded and graded the blue berry patch, put that weed blocker cloth down, and put 5 bags of bark in. That’s done. Looks pretty nice. Only a shitload more things to do that to!

My left knee is hurting so much lately that I seriously don’t know which leg to limp on anymore. My Doctor is going to shit his pants when I start listing the things I need to talk with him about! I need to cut the dosage of my bp meds cause what I’m taking make me feel shitty. Just getting OLD I guess.

Maybe Black's Beach In La Jolla?Sprinkled some today so I gat out and burned trash. Got about half of it done.

My friend took the last of those ICF blocks and has a Gin Pole I can borrow so we’re planning to put up my tower the 22nd. That’ll be good. Won’t have an actual antenna to put on the top of it (for HF) but will have the tri-band VHF/UHF and two camera’s up. Ordered a climbing rig and got half of it in today. Cool!

I’m going to lay down. I’ll finish this tomorrow.

Ok, so it’s Wednesday now. Whoptie Doo. Still tired. Strange Dreams last night. Wx sucks. Suppose I should take the Dog for a walk.

So, two trips to the dump to, well, dump trash. Once for ours and once for the Renters. And, honestly, didn’t really get a lot more done today. Just felt tired.

Even waited too long to start dinner. Having two deep fried Egg, Bacon, Taters, and cheese sauce burrito’s since they were quick and easy. (Easy would have been to just mocrowave them.)

Renter has kicked out her present boyfriend and he’s had enough of her that he’s just leaving. Young People!

NOTICE: Big Anti-Trump ralley on Myrtle Beach, SC Friday morning! Be There!

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Sometimes I Really Do Think I’m Going Slightly Old-Guy Crazy

Luba01-01I spend WAY too much time alone around here. I’ve forgotten how to interact with people in inter-personal (age appropriate) relationships. I need to get out more but find that I can’t stand most people. Most. Not All. And that’s probably a failing on MY part and not theirs. Fuck. I don’t want to be a “Hermit,” but I don’t really want to get out either.

Probably the Depression talking. Today is probably the last really nice day of the Summer (around 80) and Winter is imminent so we’ll be ass-deep in rain and cold Wx again. Even the “Tree of Winter Doom” out back is starting to change colors. Maybe I ought to seriously consider moving to Yuma for the winter?

Otherwise, not a whole lot going on around here. Enjoying the last few days of Summer. My poor friend “just stopped by” to pick up some more of those ICF blocks and caught me and the Dog sans clothing. Dude, that’s what you get for not calling first!! He took it in stride though. Which was good cause it was a nice day and we were in our own back yard. Deal with it.

I can see your panties are in a bunch, Lois.

SWMBO and I had a pretty nice Labor Day weekend this past weekend. Had our usual Date Day Saturday and Monday we went out and about getting things at Home Depot and having a late lunch at Burger King. She stopped by Jo Anne’s Fabrics while I sat out in the truck watching the girls walk by.

Oh, we bought an uprite 20.2 cu freezer at Sears to replace our chest freezer. Which still works great even after about 20 years. Tired of digging through the top layers of frozen stuff to find things that went mummified 8 years ago though. I believe there are things at the bottom of that freezer that have been there since we first moved into this house 9 years ago. Maybe an uprite will fix that. (Maybe it won’t.) We’re going to try anyway. And even if it doesn’t completely work out, at $540 it’s not a too spendy experiment. Should be delivered Saturday.

Other than that: Both SWMBO and our Renter are driving me NUTS. For pretty much the same reason.


Getting tired of these damned headaches. Have had a couple of real croppers (meaning I had to try to freeze my head through the night) and I feel like I want to get one right now. Wx changes will cause me to have a migraine and that is about to happen big time. You think I’d be used to them by now.

Bought the tool-thingie I need to make my own cat 5/6 cable when we stopped by Home Depot for the new bathroom fan for the MILA. Figured since I bought that 800 feet of cat5 cable at St. Vinnys for $15 I might as well splurge for the crimp thingie to make my own. Now, when I tear out the ceiling in the basement I may be able to run cable throughout the house. Cool!

Anywho, had tuna sandwiches for dinner to use up that tuna I made the other day. It’s about time for SWMBO to get home and the MCARC Net to start. Was a really nice day outside today. Hope it’s not the last until next July!

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