The Coolest Toy On This Earth

I Want! I Want! I Want! I Want! I Want! I Want! I Want! I Want!

Of course, I also want to be at least 20 years younger and 120 lbs lighter so I could get out and do this. OMG, that looks like fun. Hope it has something in the software and gyroscope that doesn’t let one lean over too much. Man, I wish I could do that!

elysa05Not a whole lot going on. Again. Did get off my fat, lazy, old ass and make a dump run. Was time to get rid of the 32 gal can of glass and two large plastic bags of plastics. Put it off as long as I could. And the dump station was busy with a lot of folks that were doing the same thing! Go figure.

Trying to get some scanning done. Picked (and ate) the last of the peas I tried growing this summer. Carrots are still itty-bitty and not worth plucking. Same with my green onions. Think I started the garden too late this year. But, in my defense, I was rebuilding the raised beds most of the summer.

SWMBO texted me and asked me to make her “tuna casarol.” Her’s has macaroni 9cooked), tuna, and mushroom soup all mixed together. I have some standards, but, I love her. Hmmm… Guess I’ll do it.

NWS say’s there’s a chance for some snow this coming Sunday. Yeah, sure. Only if it can get through the rain.

The MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. Good.

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Well, I Never Been To Spain. Do-Do-Du-Do

But I kinda like the music.

tunn19aI have Niece. Female: of course. Gay; who cares? Liberal; aw, fuck. She “unfollowed & unfriended” me (and probably cussed me a bit) on FB cause she posted this meme on how Whites have no culture. You know: Black=African Culture. Asian=Asian Cultere, etc. White=It’s about color. And I took exception to that and tried to start a discussion about it. No go there! You cannot “argue” with a Liberal. After she posted back “I know you’re racist so your thoughts don’t matter” I just sorta went balistic on her and told her to get back to me when she’s willing to “discuss” things without using the Race card cause I don’t agree with her.

So, that’s one less Liberal clogging up my feed. Still, it kept me up half the damned night. According to her reasoning (Black=African Culter, etc) that would make Christians a Race. Babtists a Race. Etc. Besides, would an American Born Black = AFrican Culture, or American Culture (and we do have one)? If a White is born in Japan, grows up in Japan, eats, sleeps, and shits Japanese, aren’t they Japanese?

Personally, I don’t think skin color has anything to do with what Culture one participates in. Blacks born in America should identify with American Culture. Anyone born in America should identify with American Culture. They’re American.

Of course, America is a hodge podge of all cultures of the people that immigrated here. That’s why I can enjoy Spaghetti on Mondays, Taco Tuesday, Swedish Meatballs on Wednesday, and the All You Can Eat Chinese food on Saturdays.

Without “guilt” that I’m appropriating another culture.

Other than that there is just not a whole hell of a lot going on. The 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went well but only 5 of us checked in. SWMBO is home and I think I’ll go spent some time with her before going to lay down and read a bit.

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