Well, I Know What Part Of The Problem Is

Was looking through our pictures of our trips around and I’ve figured out the reason (or one of the reasons) I hang around the house so much. Going places and doing things is so much better when I have my Lovely-Young-Bride (of almost 30 years) with me.

SWMBO @ Bryce Canyon 2015

Don’t get me wrong; I will, and do, go places without her. And I can have a good time when I do. But I sure do enjoy taking her along and holding her hand when we see new things. Old things. Things.

btkw05aSo I hang around the house a lot. Sure, I get “projects” (and chores) done, and even occasionally go for a “day trip,” but I mostly save going anywhere we haven’t been for when she can go with me. Those places are just more fun with her along.

Anywho, supposed to get up in the high 90’s today. Except for the fire hazard (I do live next to a forest!) I’m enjoying the Hell out of this Wx. A friend is coming over before noon to pick up these router boxes, and I have to be at the Naval Hospital after 1300 to pick up my meds, but, otherwise, I’m going to be outside, in my wading pool, all day. Hopefully.

btkw30aMade a run to WinCo Foods in Bremerton. Almost stopped at the Bremerton Airport for the Fly-In, but the parking lot was packed with people looking for a place to park. And on a Friday! Think I’ll get up early tomorrow (which I do every morning anyway) and head over to it and just sit until it opens. At least I’d get a decent parking space.

Also stopped and got my Meds. I was the only one “in line” so I got through pretty quickly.

It’s HOT today. Deck thermometer reads 102 right now. (Remember: That’s, like, 190 degrees anywhere else.) Took the Dog for a mosey around the back 40. About to go step into that wading pool!

2016-08-19 13.48.44

Also watered the front-front and back yards since it’s so dry around here. Burn bans in effect in this whole Puget Sound area. Hopefully, this year will be like our previous 7-8 years and we won’t get a fire in the forest behind us. (And I wouldn’t mind seeing that 3-4 ft of snow (this next Winter) the locals claim we got the winter before we moved in. Course, it wouldn’t matter to me cause I don’t have to go anywhere. But SWMBO does.)

Got to pick her up at QFC again tonight. Tried to keep the AC on for her. Got a bit too cold for me. (But I’m a warm Wx person.)

And that’s it.

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It Got Pretty Warm Today! Yay!

Outer Limtits: The Zanti MisfitsI have done nothing! Oh, the usual chores (mostly). Made a run to the Post Office then stopped by Safeway for some coffee. Had to get a couple of doughnuts to go with the coffee. Except it was too late for coffee so I had one of those frappachino things. A bit later I made a dump run. Both our cans needed dumping.

Didn’t really accomplish anything because it got nice and hot and I spent as much time outside as I could. Sometimes doing things but mostly just enjoying the Sun, and being outside. Trying to store some of it up for when Winter takes over here. Thermometer on our deck says it’s 100 degrees. (On the deck. Lot’s of reflected sunshine and heat on our deck. So it’s probably 95 degrees for real.)


Other than that …

SWMBO texted me that I need to pick her up at the QFC this evening. How’d she know? So I got to do that.

We’re home and relaxing and stuff. She’s copying her pictures of when we went to the Sisters Quilt Show back in 2010 to her tablet. Probably to show off at work. I have a (new) Doctor Who marathon going but am about to go lay down.

So that’s it from this boring old guy.

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