We Had Lightning And Thunder Last Night!

Devil Girl From MarsAnd it was cooooooool! Started right about 2200 (or so) and lasted all of 10 minutes; but it was coooooooool! Except for it (usually) starting fires around here, I could live with a bit more lightning and thunder. (And I’d still be a Storm Chaser if I could.)

SWMBO had the day off for a dental appointment this morning. I made a run to Harbor Freight in Tacoma (for a new generator) then headed for COSTCO in Gig Harbor. Invited SWMBO to lunch and she met me there. Spent $150 of the Club’s money on Hot Dogs and stuff for Field Day this weekend. And we spent about the same for stuff we needed. Then, after a lot of the numbing had worn off her jaw, I took her to Qdoba’s for lunch. (I don’t really like Qdoba’s, but she does. And her happiness is worth eating one foo-foo Mexican meal occasionally.)

Stopped by the digger rental place on the highway between Gorst & Belfair and got everything set up for a digger tomorrow. Got home and unloaded her car and got my new generator running.

Devil Girl From MarsThe digger rental place delivered the digger today and told me to call them tomorrow when I’m through with it. Cool. Already spread out that pile of rocks I had just sitting there waiting for me to do that. Yep, gonna take a butt-ton of smaller stuff to keep the Caravan from sinking into it. Will do that tomorrow.

Not a whole lot going on now. SWMBO is sitting in the library reading (on her phone) and I’m “playing” in my room. Had to reboot my computer cause one of my drives just disappeared for awhile. Hope I don’t have another drive going bad. I use the Hell out of them though.

The MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went okay for only 4 of us checking in. I almost heard everybody!

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We Spent HOURS Without Internet!

Vintage102aWell, a couple of hours anyway. Workmen were putting in a new phone line for my neighbor and they (accidently) cut mine. Luckily, I let them know just before they hauled ass outta here thinking they were finished. Took them a couple of hours to find the break and repair it.

But, what HELL I went through not being able to check my e-mail. Unable to browse the Net. I’m traumatized. My life will never return to NORMAL.

Nah, I checked my mail on my 4-G tablet and did stuff outside in the warm sunshine. It was almost like being a kid again. Except for being really Old. But me and the Dog took off all our clothes and went for a walk and by the time we got back the Internet was fixed. They did a great job and were totally responsive to getting the problem fixed. If I had had to call CenturyLink I’d be lucky if it was fixed by 2018. Dec.

2016-06-20 14.48.40

Not a whole heck of a lot going on around here. Made a Bank & PO run before the workmen started tearing up our road. After they started I was pretty much stuck at the house; but that’s okay. I’d rather be here anyway. Did get my usual chores done also.

DevilGirl02aOh, worked on my little generator some more. Took the fuel bell thingie off and made sure all that was cleaned out. Gas is getting through the float thingie. (Look, I’d be the first to admit I’m about as much a mechanic as a left-handed lug wrench. Don’t start!) It still will only run when I spray ether directly in the intake. Looks like I’ll need to buy another for this weekend; I just don’t have time to drop it off and get it fixed before Field Day.

And that’s pretty much it. Really.

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