So, Yeah. Bought A New Truck

Just like my old truck but on steroids. 2019 Silverado 1500 (again) but with an 8-cylinder engine and better towing capabilities. We don’t take the RV anywhere cause going uphill is so (so!) slow. And expensive.


Upgrades with the old truck and the RV were, well, not nice. Truck would slow way down, downshift to 3rd and stay there. RPM’s 4k to 5k and you could watch the gas gauge go down down down. Semi’s would pass me! Very frustrating.

launch1cTook 4 days for the deal to go through. The dealer set it up to where it’d be under my name only; trying to build up my credit. BUT, the Credit Union said both of us have to be on the loan since my name is on our mortgage too. Shit. Didn’t take the CU very long to approve us: I only had to mention a couple of other Credit Unions that I’m already a member of once.

Have to put at least 500 miles on the new truck before hooking the RV up and taking it for a spin to see just how well it’ll do. So me and the dog got out and about yesterday for a few hours. Nice ride.

Otherwise, just not much going on around here. I spend my days puttering around the house waiting for the Wx to get decent. Is today so me and the Dog took off all our clothes and been doing as much outside as we can. Got up to 80 today! Cool!

We’re getting all set up to attend the Hollie Family reunion this year. I’ll be taking off a couple of weeks early to get the RV down there and SWMBO will be flying in the day before the reunion. Luckily she’ll be able to take a couple of weeks to travel back with me (with a stop in Oregon, Oh to see her folks). Her Son is going to house sit for us.

Evektor EV 55 Outback_1

And that’s really about it. My life is pretty boring and I don’t post as much as I used to. Get busy doing other things.

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I Just Forget …

To post. Not that I really do anything that is post worthy, but I do try to keep up.

Been busy. Mostly doing “stuff” around the house. Put a counter top in that room SWMBO’s son used to live in down in the basement. Put all the scanner stuff and the pi & Printer setup on it. Mostly just to make it neater and get it out of the way for working on the rest of the basement.


Haven’t really done anything with the MILA (or FILA I should say) except to catalog all the tires and post them to Craig’s List. Put the 6 motors and the rest of the “stuff” there also. No real taker’s so far. I got time though.

Mowed. Mowed again. Got the back half of everything whack-weeded but still need to do the front. Maybe today. Maybe.


Put the Dog back on his leash when we go for our morning walk since he’s having problems learning “stay with me” and to come when he’s called. Not to mention the running off chasing prey (birds, rabbits, leaves blowing in the wind). Our walks are much quieter now. Thank goodness.

Survived my 30 day time-out from FB. Made my first post this morning and decided that I’m not going to quit or back off and just take the time-outs until the fascists at FB just delete my account. Fuck ‘em. Zuckerman can suck my dick.

Other than that: just not much happening. Regular American Old Guy Shit in my day-to-day existence. Bought a 737 and different liveries for the DC-3 for X-Plane. Otherwise saving my money for the Reunion Trip this year.


Yep, going to the Hollie Family reunion this year. Turns out the Dog isn’t welcome inside my Uncle’s house (his house his prerogative), inside the hotel at Pickwick Landing (their hotel their prerogative), and probably not inside my FILA’s house cause his two cats would go bug-fuck crazy. So the Dog will probably stay with SWMBO’s Son & Girlfriend if they’re so inclined.

SO, I’d take off about 2 weeks early to go spend time with my ageing Uncle in Texas (get the karaoke machine ready!) where SWMBO will join me the weekend of the reunion. Again. Then we’ll spend the weekend at the Reunion then drive up to Oregon, Ohio to visit her folks for a week or so before heading home. Will be a long trip but it may be the last time SWMBO will get to see her Mom alive.

And, that’s pretty much what’s been going on. Told you it’d be boring.

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