Happy Moon Day, World!

On this date in 1969, I was attending the Upward Bound Program at Arizona Western College just outside Yuma, Arizona. But, like almost everyone in the World that could, I was glued to the (small black and white) tv we had in the Dorm TV Room; watching as Men (American Men at that!) landed and walked on the moon. Astounding!

Now, I live in a World where one day no one had ever walked on the Moon, and the very next day, two men had. That was just amazing.

Of course, I think we ought to have colonized the Moon by 1980. I’d have volunteered to go (in a freakin’ heartbeat!!). But we didn’t. And we won’t until long after I’m a faded memory in a photo albulm somewhere. Which is too bad. Sometimes I curse Heinlein, Clarke, Del Ray, and a lot of other authors for getting me all excited about space. (But not often.)

Not a whole lot going on around here today. Nice outside so the Dog and I took off all our clothes and took a walk around the back 40. Mowed the front-upper and front yards and the path we walk around. Nice out there! Damned nice out there!

Moved some things around to make room for a dump truck to dump a load of that compost/dirt we get. Will probably order that tomorrow (when it’s supposed to rain some). Today I ain’t getting dressed to go anywhere. Already did that to check mail.

So I spent the rest of the day just farting around outside as much as possible. Had to chase the neighbors-from-Hell dog off. (Every year they get a new dog. I think they lose their dogs to wild life in the forest back there.  Every year I get to train a new dog to the sound of pumping up my BB gun.)

Anywho, I’m outta here.

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Splurged On A New Monitor Today

Jones1aWell, not really a monitor; although that’s what I’ll be using it for. Went to Best Buy, and the selections there were a 24” monitor that I could sorta read without glasses ($115.00), or a 32” TV that I could read without glasses ($125.00). Guy was freaked when I asked him to hook it to a computer! But I wanted to see it in action. And it’s wall mountable. And the mount I took off the Hanns G fits just perfect. Didn’t even have to move the mount at all. Cool!

Had to rearrange the screens. Fix the resolution. The two TV’s are running at 1360×768. The AOC monitor (on the right) is at 1680×1050. I could ramp both the TV’s up to 1920×1080 but the task bar (along the top) disappears. Gonna have to wok on that cause I want the higher resolution. I hate the task bar being at the bottom of the screen though.

Mel06aaOh, hey. Just made the task bar wider/taller, ramped the resolution up to 1980 and I can see it when it drops down now. Let me play with this for awhile. Just made all three 1980×1080 and it seems to be working good. Cool!!! Rebooting will be the telling thing to do though. If it survives rebooting then it’ll be good to go.

My Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 30 years (Dec 20th!) is home. Somehow got me logged on to Ancestry.Com and uploading family pictures I have. Fun! She keeps asking me for information (What part of “I don’t know” is hard to understand?) and I keep telling her to log into Facebook and talk to the family directly.

Anywho, it’s this Old Guy’s bedtime so I’m gonna go lay down and read a bit. (I purely love reading!)

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