Just A Short One Tonight.

Our Storm: Petered out mostly. Lots of rain and a few gusts of wind, but nowhere the wind storm “they” were predicting. Good for us though. Still heard many reports on the local repeaters & Police/Fire of downed trees, downed/burning wires, and power outages all around the area. Our power flickered a couple of times but didn’t go out even once. Cool!

2016-09-22 08.28.07

Other than that just busy around the house getting things done I wasn’t able to do while on vacation. Took SWMBO to her Doctor’s appointment this morning then dropped her off at the Ferry terminal before coming home.

Oh, yesterday I went through a prodrome but never got much of a headache. Still had a serious case of the “blah’s” though. Pretty much ruined my day.


ARES Net and the NMARES Net went well tonight. Still need to move my antenna. But I did get my antenna into a better lightning collection position (upright) so I can at least participate in some of the nets. Still want to put it up on the roof though. Now I have to wait for dry weather though.

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We Be Back! 6438 Miles Later …

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile. My tablet was knocked out of my hand at the Reunion, hit the ground, and the screen went wonky. Everything’s squished into a 1/2 inch strip at the top of the display. I was a bit upset since I use that tablet for everything while on trips. Luckily, I have a replacement at home. But it was AT HOME.

Deer Lodge. The ONLY Place I Saw Lightning On Our Trip

My Father-In-Law gave me a Chromebook, which I tried to set up. Installed the WordPress app, but, all my passwords were here at home. So … I’m going to set it up for the next long trip. At least give it a serious try. (Haven’t been too impressed with it so far.)

Anywho, I am NOT going to make a long, drawn-out, post tonight cause I am one tired Old Guy. And I need to batten down the hatches for the storm moving in tomorrow (or tonight). (High winds & lots of rain predicted.)

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