CQ CQ CQ. Calling CQ CQ CQ.

Pretty “normal” Sunday. Spent a lot of time trying to straighten up/get sorted all those pictures I’ve scanned over the past couple of years. At least getting each person into their own directory. Next will be getting rid of the BUTT-TON of duplicates. (That ought to be a lot of fun!) So far there are 154,000 pictures.

My New Hat

Just not a whole lot going on. SWMBO made Swedish Meatballs and lima beans for dinner. I got all my usual chores done.


Got the new tv up and running in the big room. Moved the Raspberry Pi in there to act as the media center. Not a bad picture; plenty good enough for me to watch while walking on the treadmill or bike.


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went really well tonight. Had way more check-ins than we did last Wednesday. Even a couple of folks that don’t usually check in. No one mentioned W7FBI.

And that’s it. Won’t bore y;all any more tonight.

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Really Feeling It Today!

I am either feeling my age, or, I’ve caught SWMBO’s cold. That’s how the early part of my day went.


BUT, SWMBO got home from the Genealogy Library and took me to Shari’s for an early dinner. Which turned out to be a 2nd breakfast for me as I had their Ham, eggs, whatever breakfast. It was good. We’ll probably go there again.

Still, for me, the best part is sitting across from the love of my life for awhile.


Stopped by Walmart and bought a 32” tv for the “big” room. The tv that’s in there gives me a headache (what with the colors separating and all) so I decided to replace it. And since SWMBO wants to save up for a year before we buy a really big tv, I thought I’d get a smaller one to use in there while I walk on the treadmill or bike. Makes that a lot more interesting. And we could always mount it in the bedroom (where it’d never get used), give it to her for a larger monitor, or I could use it in here. We’ll see.


Usual stop at Safeway on the way home. Everything’s put away and we be chillin’.

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