Hope Y’all Had A Great Christmas!

I sure did. But I was with my Schweetie and that’s the important part for me! Her Son and future daughter-in-law came over and we had a pretty nice dinner and visit. SWMBO gave me a couple of Geology books! Cool! “In Search of Acient Oregon: A Geological and Natural History” and “Beauty From the Beast: Plate Tectonics and the Landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.” Woo Woo!

Tie We decided to take a break (like we haven’t already been on one long break) and not work on the MILA during Christmas; so we didn’t get back down there until today. The new flooring we bought just wasn’t going to fit with the old flooring already on the floor, so we went to Home Depot and spent $121 on 10 boxes of new flooring. Twelve boxes should cover it. So tomorrow I’ll get down there and pull out the old stuff.

JumpropeWon’t be just getting rid of it though. Same stuff is in the rest of the MILA so I’m going to find a spot in the basement to store it for “just in case;” like needing some of it now but not having it or being able to find it. Might as well hold on to as much as I can for “IF.”

LightningOtherwise, not a whole heck of a lot going on around here. It was 40 degrees but NOT raining when we left for Home Depot. Dropped to 36 on the way home. Not expecting it to snow anytime soon though. So SWMBO didn’t get her White Christmas this year. But it probably runs 50-50 around here for a white Christmas anyway.

bsOh, still on Facebook Time-Out too. So I’ve been doing Tumblr when I have to, er, poop, and reading when I finally lay down in the evenings. Re-reading all my old favorites. Except for my Uncle and Sister (and some of the members of our family) I really haven’t missed it. Fuck Zuckerberg and FB anyway. Wish I could bring them down.

So, anywho, that’s it for now. Y’all have a great evening and Happy New Year!


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Holy Schmolie, It’s Wet Out There!

It’s been pouring for over 2 days now. We got our backyard river back yesterday morning. The alarm on the septic went off intermittently starting about 0100. (Was NOT happy about that!)

Wx Warning 1.8 to monitor the weather.

Still all kinds of warnings and watches around our area. Dog and I have to wear our poncho’s for our walks. Driveway is really flooded (gotta fix that).

Otherwise, SSDD around here. We still haven’t finished the MILA but did get out and buy the pedistal/sink ($70) and medicine cabinet ($120 all at Lowe’s). Then we spent $60+ at Home Depot for 12×12 ceramic tiles for the MILA bathroom floor. Now SWMBO really doesn’t have any excuses for not getting down there and getting that done! Smile with tongue out

7b52d7c2-fb1b-4226-a238-4cfb2a4a49a9We’re on the high side of broke and she’s looking for a job. Locally this time. Hopefully at the Naval Hospital so she’d have only a 20 minute commute. It’s too bad she has to look for work but she can’t retire right now. It’d be nice if she could. (I gotta win the lotto! But that would mean remembering to go buy a ticket!)

I can’t get a job. I’ve tried but most people hiring feel I’m too old. They don’t SAY that, but you can see it in their eyes. Unless I want to be a greeter at Walmart. Then, I’ve been on SS too long. I’d have to pay all that back if I got a well paying job someplace. Not happening.

So, had this 5 ft tall pine tree trying to push my RV aside in the RV’s parking spot. Had. It’s now SWMBO’s first Christmas Tree in several years in the Library. (We don’t really go in much for “Christmas” stuff or decorations since we have no kids or grandkids hanging around. And this year we’re really too broke to indulge.)

8f4b31af-714b-4b6e-9dc8-8465e4a2f864Got out and pulled the filter in the septic and rinsed it. That’ll be a green (GREEN!) spot in the yard come summer! Took a couple of the end-caps off the drainage field thingie and turned the pump back on. Alarm went off and when the water quits coming out of the pipe it’ll be time to put the end-caps back on. Doesn’t even really smell that bad since it comes from the “clean” side of the septic. You learn how to do these things when you own a home. (Well, renting from the bank. You never really OWN a home. Just try not paying your taxes sometime and see who really owns your home.)

Anywho, that’s it.

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