Nice Day! Got Out And About

With my Schweetie. Nice!

oooWas just going along as normal but got the urge to stop by Habitat For Humanity. I was thinking the one here in Belfair but SWMBO thought the one in Bremerton would be best.

Kinda sorta was even though I didn’t find what I was looking for (a steel box to mount outside to hold a couple of batteries for my radios). Did find a nice hair to replace one in my shack. $15.

Then took her to Popeye’s to give that place another try. Wasn’t impressed. It was okay but if there was a KFC and Popeye’s next door to each other I’d be prone to the KFC. Like their spices and texture.

We need a Chik-Fil-A around here!

Not a lot else going on. Taking a serious look at my garden and thinking of starting things going there. Got a Inter-State Nurseries catalong in the mail and think there are a few things I’m going to order from them.

Looking at some video I took last Sept. Caught a bit of thunder and lightning! Cool!

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Windows 7 Users (Test Post)

Y’all might want to think about switching to Linux Mint now that your support has ended.

Here is a short video about it. Mint can be set up to look and act exactly like Windows. You can even run most of your Windows programs with WINE.

Or this one about running Windows programs.

But, honestly, if everything you do is on the Internet, you could run a Raspberry Pi with Raspian. That’s a $65 computer about the size of a pack of smokes and your own monitor and you’re up and running.

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