Just Nothing Going On Around Here

011I’m telling ya; I lead a very (very!) boring everyday life. Which has it’s good points, to be sure. But. Yeah, but.

I need to take a trip to the Canyonlands or that general area. Wide open desert. Multilayered multicolored rock mountains landscapes. I’m really getting burned out with green.

Garden’s doing good. Already have pea pods. Taters have taken over where they’ve been planted. Maters are starting to grow nice and even the corn (first corn I’ve planted in years) has started to grow.

Thinking I’m going to mount rain gutter to that cement wall behind the house (the one I grow the maters in front of cause they really like the heat) and see what I can grow. SWMBO is trying to talk me into going to Habitat and getting some glass doors and making a greenhouse there. I could do that.

But I already have a butt-ton of other “projects” I’m trying to get done. We’ll see. Still designing how I want to mount the solar panels and do all that for one.

012Field Day is coming up pretty soon. Still need to renew the tabs on the trailer (and might as well do the truck at the same time) and figure out what antenna I’m going to use. Details.

And that’s about it except for SWMBO has me scaired some. She sat down at Walmart the other day and almost fell when I helped her up. Had to take another hold on her and lift her up. She’s getting weak, losing muscle mass and weight in general. And I don’t think it’s the new meds she’s on. And I’m getting scaired for her. Doing anything tires her. Fuck.

Anywho, we’ll get through it. Whatever IT is.

I hope.

But we did have some thunder again today.

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Dog And I Were On A Walk When

We heard on my hand held radio tuned to all the local repeaters, fire, police, and emergency local frequencies:

Sheriff: He says his name is Michael Myers and he was born 1981.

And I’m thinking: Sure. Don’t yall realize that’s the movie “Halloween?”

But I’d be off two years. Halloween was released in 1978. Halloween II was released in 1980/81.

2018-07-06-0133-Travis AFB

Not a whole lot going on around here. Had a couple of rain-free, sunny but not warm, days but that ended this morning. Was coming down so hard it woke me up. But I was sleeping late anyway so no biggie.

SWMBO and I have date day on Friday’s now so she doesn’t have to rush home from the Genealogy library so we can go out. This week we had breakfast at the Burger Claim in town. I always have to bring about half of my order home to finish it off the next day.

She’s starting to take being “retired” seriously and we’re going to have to re-negotiate all the chores I do around the house. If she’s no longer working then I shouldn’t have to do them all. At least, to my way of thinking. A couple being “retired” together is sort of like rebuilding a house together. If you can continue (or learn) to talk to each other you’ll make it. We’ve been married 34 years and almost built 3 houses together so I have confidence we’ll make it through this.


Saw an ad on Craig’s List for a guy down in middle Calif that was looking for old aviation video’s so I contacted him about all those video tapes I inherited from SWMBO’s Uncle. Mailed them off Friday and he should get them Thurs or so. Seems like a nice guy and we’ve e-mail back and forth a few times. He expressed an interest in X-Plane and Ham Radio so I hope he doesn’t mind the “extras” I put in the box. I’m glad someone else will get some use and enjoyment out of the tapes and stuff.

He’s also agreed to send me a picture of my sister’s grave in Bakersfield; if it still exists. That I’ll really appreciate. I haven’t visited her grave since she was buried back in 1963. Long time.

Still scanning all those pictures my Uncle gave me on my last trip. I estimate probably about, oh, rough guess, somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 pictures in that 200lbs of notebooks. Scanning the complete pages as my Aunt put them together then the individual pictures of people. And some dogs. Dogs are family. Really don’t need to scan landscapes and such. Unless it’s a really good picture.

2019-09-08-08-SAC Museum

I know I haven’t been posting as much here as I have. Part of that is because it’s Winter. We usually hunker down for Winter and we really do lead boring lives. Still working on the MILA too. Not doing as much Ham Radio. Spent several hours updating the 7 Raspberry pi’s and 2 Linux laptops the other day. Joy. Dog and I still walk 2-5 miles a day depending on how I feel.

Oh, tried an experiment with CBD (which one has to buy at the local head shops) to see if it would help SWMBO’s neuropathic(?) pain. She gets the same burning sensation all over that I get in my right leg. It’s spendy and it doesn’t seem to have helped. I’m wondering if the 1 mg of THC spread over 10 gummies just isn’t enough. But neither of us wants to et high. Or even a buzz. But we want the CBD to work. More experimentation is called for I think.

And that’s pretty much it.

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