No Snow @ Our Place. Yet.

Just sitting around this morning thinking about various things. One is the state of our economy and how it’s really kind of funny. I stuck with the Navy 20+ years specifically for lifetime “free” medical coverage (which I don’t get. It costs me bucks out of my pocket), and 50% of my pay for the rest of my life. I figured it was worth taking the chance I’d get killed for this (once Great) Country (They did give TWO wars for me!). So, after taxes and medical I’m living on about half of that. And people bitch about it. (People, I notice, that have never served in the Military.) At least we get a bit more respect now than we did during Viet Nam.

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Personally, I think I did well in the Navy and was pretty good at my job. Not the absolute best Hospital Corpsman that ever was; but not bad. Not too hot on the “book learning” but never lost a patient. If they were alive when I got to them, they were alive, patched up and in no danger of dying, when I left for the next one. And a couple that were “clinically” dead are enjoying their lives today. (Hopefully)

Sick Call twice a day. Emergencies anytime. Daily Berthing and Sanitation inspections. Water testing. LGBT readings when underway. I could suture with the best of them. Even diagnosed a couple of “greenstick” fractures pre-X-Ray.


Yeah, I was once a highly trained, motivated, individual. And look at me now. Thinking about the Past. What a waste of time.

OTT, pretty normal Saturday, so far. Watching a storm move in to Eastern WaRshington. It’s just wet outside here. SWMBO is still catching up on her lost sleep. Even I “overslept” this morning and didn’t get up until 0730. Must be getting old. No, I am old. Beats the alternative though.


My Lovely Young Bride of almost 30 years showed up around 1500 and took me out to dinner at Taco Bell. Then we went to Best Buy where I spent way too much money (but not as much as I could have thanks to that gift card her Son got me for Christmas) on a new video card, 32 Gig thumb drive, and “How To Train Your Dragon” on Blue Ray. Made our usual stop at Safeway and came on home.

Almost time to hit the rack. But, instead, I installed the new video card. a GTX 750. And the HDMI works! Cool!!!!

Now it’s bedtime.

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First Use Of The “S” Word For Friday Late

Interesting Wx weekend to bring us out of our Thanksgiving Feast Food Stupor with the possibility of snow for the lowlands late Friday night into Saturday all day. Of course, Weather prediction for Western Washington is like guessing the order the kernels of a handful of popcorn will pop; you don’t know what you’re going to get until you’re eating the macaroni salad. So it might be time to make sure your radio is working, your antenna is secure, and your emergency power supply will handle the job. Just in case…


It’s a bit too early this Thanksgiving morning (0800) for anything to be “happening” but I’m already looking forward to eating myself into a Food Coma later. Think it’s time to shit, shower, and shave and get my day started. That is, as much as my day starts.


Which I did starting at about 1400 hrs. or so. Eating, that is. Man, they made a good dinner! No one we invited showed up. Yet. Looking forward to cold turkey sandwiches later.

Wx Guessers are teasing me with possible Snow Friday night into Saturday afternoon. It is going to get cold though. I’ll believe the snow when I see it. But it has been raining off and on all day. Almost balmy out though. Cold front moving in?


And that’s about it. Got all the dishes done, Turkey carcass stripped, and everything that we’re probably going to eat later in the fridge. Time to chill out until bedtime. Think I’ll watch the Ken Burn’s documentary on the Dust Bowl.

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