So. I Got An Idea …

Let’s help Uncle Joe hire more folks. Or, his Big Tech lackeys I should say. When they start (if they haven’t already) checking our SMS text messages for “misinformation,” Let’s help them out.

Arrange with a couple of friends to send/share the following text every day or two: “Masks are no good against COVID-19.” (It’s a true statement but got me banned from Facebook for posting it so it’s a proven attention getter.)

And y’all can make up your own! Like: White folks like COVID-19 cause it kills minorities. (ooh, I should patent that one before the Democrats steal it.)(Come to think of it: they’d probably forward that one to everyone so nevermind.) (Is this the statement that gets me banned from WordPress?)

If we overload the system maybe they’ll take the hint that we don’t like being spied on or censored. If we give them 50+ million texts to check and follow-up on every day … Too bad only like 8 people actually read my blog(s).

Date Day yesterday was okay. Out with my schweetie. We kept it simple and ate at the Naval Hospital Subway shop while she was waiting on the pharmacy to fill her prescriptions. Decided we didn’t need to go shopping so went home. I don’t know what she did for the rest of the day but I “played” on my new radio. (I was in a terrible bad mood. My Depression kicked in big time and all my “self-talk” wasn’t helping. Luckily I know to keep my mouth shut. Once said never forgotten.)

And, yes, that sounds like a crappy date but it happens occasionally (to everyone). Life can’t be all roses and cotton-candy smelling farts. Still, in the past 35 years I could probably count the number of crappy date day’s on one hand. IF I could remember them in the first place. Which I can’t. And don’t really want to.

Dang! Already had my two cuppa’s and it’s only 0800. Been up since 0448 today. Weird dreams last night. Weirder than usual, I mean. Some guy was making fun of me and wouldn’t let me in someplace because I was wearing (and always wear only) white cotton socks. ??? This getting OLD crap sucks! Synapse Misfire much? (Sounds like a new Band.) And waking up every couple of hours to go pee doesn’t help.

Ah, Saturday. Just like any other day when you’re “retired.” Think I’ll go water the lawn.

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