Just Another Day In Paradise Part 10001b

Yep, still pretty much SSDD around here. Got a migraine starting about 1700 yesterday that lasted all night. Even freezing my head didn’t help. So when I finally got some quality sleep time I naturally overslept an hour or so this morning. Still hurt until about an hour ago (around 1500). So dealing with the after-migraine blahs now. At least it’s been mostly sunny outside!

Made a trip to ACE Hardware for some L-Brackets to mount the Blue-Ray Shelves permanently to the wall. Totaled out at $33 cause I really don’t want this thing falling down and hurting my lovely young bride of 33+ years. I want the next owners of this house to look at it and go “Fuck it! They stay!”

Meatball sandwiches for dinner. Shouldn’t have eaten the 2nd one. Or drank that big can of tea. Probably shouldn’t have had the 2nd sandwich.

Bout time for SWMBO to get home. (I like that!)

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