Let Us See If This Works!

Installed Ubuntu Studio (Linux) and have been getting it set up and running. Trying different programs that are supposed to do what I do in Windows 7 normall. So far, Blogio (or Bloglio) will not connect to my blogs. This is Zoundry Raven and we’ll see how it works. Or not.


Installed VirtualBox and am trying to install Windows 7 on it and even though I got it installed, it doesn’t want to activate. I think it thinks I’ve used too many licenses. It’s running for now, but … I’m installing Windows 7 to use my usual programs (and a couple I’ve paid for) until I can find an equivilant in Linux.

Didn’t post yesterday because I made a trip to Seattle to have dinner with SWMBO and some of her co-workers. That was nice. Spendy, but nice. The ferry ride over was nice too and, OMG, the young bootie and legs were out in force. The sun shining on untanned legs was blinding! But that didn’t keep me from walking the waterfront until SWMBO found me for the dinner. It was hot, but nice (for me).

Stopped by where the Navy ships were parked for Seafair; but didn’t feel like waiting in line for an hour or more for the tour. Met and talked with a HM1 walking down the waterfront. Nice conversation. Saw plenty of “real” Navy walking around and even some Canadian Navy people. And the “Knee Deep” Navy (Coast Guard) was there too.

Anyway, by the time we got home last night I was too pooped to reboot into Windows and make a post. Spent most of today getting this Linux to work and do what I want it to. Still working on that.

So, let’ see if this will post… (Still not sure if I will be using this program or not)

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