Well, Another Week Has Gone By…

With not much going on around here. I know you’ve heard it before, but, can you spell SSDD?

Been working on my bookcase and I think it’s coming along just fine. Have the "box" pretty much done and am starting to work on the shelves. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to stain the shelves like I did the outside. Honey Oak. Looks good. Truth be told, though, it looks like some of the best "unfinished furniture" you can buy and stain yourself. :grin: The hard part will be getting the BIG thing upstairs. I’m not sure SWMBO can lift one end of it to walk it out the back door, up the hill and into the front.


Let’s see: Last Saturday I went over to my friends house and updated all my drivers and anti-stuff on his high speed internet. Sunday was a normal day for me just hanging around the house. Who knows what the hell happened the rest of the week. Oh, one of SWMBO’s 90 year old friends died but it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Nice lady.

Oh, did get out to our old property yesterday after SWMBO and I went out for breakfast. Spent a couple of hours just sitting and reading and enjoying the quiet. Damn chair broke. All I did was shift positions and the damned plastic thingy on it broke. And, NO, I’m not getting too fat. I’m the same fat as I have been so it had to be a structural failure.

Went over to my friends house again today and downloaded the latest episode of "Supernatural" for SWMBO. Took only about 20 minutes. Cool! Wound up helping them stack their wood while waiting. Oh Joy. Oh Fun. Oh Crap; I thought I was through with handling wood for heating.

Not having regular tv (we only get 5 channels way out here. Q13 and some religious channels) nor the always-on Internet we get kind of isolated as far as the news goes. Was looking up things about the Health Care Reform thing while over at my friends house. I’m not sure I’ve vote for this thing. I don’t want a committee deciding if I need health care. I don’t want anyone to have the ability/right to go through my medical records (except my doc) and I definitely don’t want to pay for illegal aliens to get free medical coverage.

Which is another thing I just don’t understand: it’s so damned easy to get into this country legally, why do they come in illegally? There’s just no excuse. But don’t get me started. I am a redneck.

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