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I have a friend who is really into taking weather readings for the National Weather Service. He really wants me to get involved and even installed an official rain gauge in my side yard last month. Well, I invited him over for dinner this coming Saturday (July 4th). After some back and forth messaging he decided not to come to dinner this Saturday because it might (might!) thunderstorm and he needs to be home to measure any possible rain or hail.

I sent him a message saying okay but that he had convinced me not to join the Cocorah folks (the site that collects the weather information) because there are other things to do in life. He sent a message back that he’s disappointed. I feel kind of bad about that, because he is a friend, but, there ARE other things to do in life. Getting up and checking the rain gauge by 0700 wouldn’t be much of a hassle as I get up around (usually before) 0700 anyway. But, having to stay home "just in case" when a storm advisory is issued (which you have to go online to check for) would suck. Rather than be a slave to the weather I’d rather get out in it. It’s not like I’m going to be able to change it or anything.

Not much else going on. Spent the evening last night watching the latest episodes of CSI Miami and pulling the stems off 25 pounds of cherry’s. And giving them the "float test", of course. I think SWMBO and a neighbor are going to attempt to make cherry jam today then I will "can" the rest. Gotta find a "cherry pitter" someplace…

This on top of masking off the ceiling in SWMBO’s room so she can finish painting so we can get busy laying the new floor in there so she can get all her stuff back in the room so we can start tearing up the floor in the other places we’re going to put new flooring in. Plus I need to move everything out of our bedroom and mask it off so I can paint it and get that out of the way. SWMBO bought me a 10" table saw the other day (well, I went out and chose it and picked it up) so we can cut flooring when we need to. That and my Miter Saw should do. Oh fun!

Sometime I’ve got to readjust the fence for Poop Dog’s yard and give him a bigger space to play. Want to put up a short (15 feet) privacy fence at the front of the house. Still working on my "man cave" downstairs.

Did I mention that we need to mow?

Virginia Beach, About 1977
Virginia Beach, About 1977

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